Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nickel Creek, by Woodrow Moore

Nickel Creek

Nickle Creek is a (primarily) folk bluegrass band that has impacted my musical taste since I was a small boyo, and still inspires me today to make music and enjoy their creation with others! They, meaning the 4 members that make up this "artist" comprising of siblings Sean and Sarah Watkins and world renown mandolin player Chris Thile, have been extremely talented since they were children and continue as a band today that leads the charts in folk music. I find them worth sharing because they are not a typical folk band, they have incredibly unique harmonies and know how to step off the music sheet to explore new sounds to compliment the others. They usually use fast-paced allegro tempo but are all written and inspired by events in their lives which add emotional connection to compel the audience.  

(image compliments of nydailynews)
The complexity of their rhythm and talent challenges me to think creatively and try my own hand at expressing imaginative music!  

This is the (of course) official Nickel Creek website where you can get the overall feel of the band and sample their music. Here you can also read about the band, check their concert times and locations and buy tickets! They just came out with a new album which has an intriguing background story and is very enjoyable (if you enjoy this sort of genre).

This is a site that allows you to further explore and fall in affection with Nickel Creek, listen to their songs (new and old), read their biography, view the awards they have received and many other features.

This NPR news site allows access to interviews, studio sessions and reviews of the band through consumer perspectives.

Here's a link to watch a video of one of their newer songs, compared to earlier which hasn't significantly changed and still maintains the rich sound of what they started with! Enjoy!
(photo credit to Billboard Online)