Wednesday, February 19, 2020

HR Giger

Hans Ruedi Giger (1940-2014)  was a swiss painter who was most famously known for the creation of the alien from the 1979 movie “Alien”. Although alien might be what he is primarily known for, Giger is a very successful artist who focused on horror sci-fi drawings and paintings. Most of his art has very pleasing geometric proportions due to him studying architecture before he started making visual art. Giger's art  has a very dark feeling to it and part of that feeling stems from Giger living so close to Germany as a young child during WW2. He used that fear and translated it into his art. Another influence to Gigers work was the artist Salvador Dali. Although Giger may Have died 6 years ago his art still lives through his museum in Switzerland which he designed to represent his accomplishments.

  • This website is an auction site with alot of copies of Gigers work, it also includes a short paragraph about the artist.
  • This website goes into detail about Gigers life and influences and experiences.

  • This website is a description of the museum where Gigers work is stored, it also shows a lot of the work in the museum.


While having quite an intense name $uicideboy$ are a two younger men named Scott Arceneaux Jr and Ruby da Cherry From New Orleans Louisiana. The artists produce hard rap and what some would consider metal. For the last couple of years these artists have really stuck with me because of they're attitude. They do not care what other people think and do what they want when they want without an influence from their fan base. They are not producing mainstream music that sounds like the rest they are producing original works of art. The question has even been raised on "how they changed rap music." I think them having a very unique style is what has made them the stars they are today and that is what will help them to be even more successful in their future. Although not appealing to most I think that these to are very important artists to the music industry.
In this article it talks about how $uicideboy$ feel that they were the main influencers of sound-cloud rap. It is important because sound cloud is what gets a lot of artists started on making music and they think that they were the originators.
This gives background as how the group came together and from then how they have continued to make music and produce albums.
This story gives insight on how the group came to like music and their choice of music before they were creating their own.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Dean Russo

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Dean Russo is an American artist known for colorful paintings of animal faces as well as human faces. He outlines the faces in dark, heavy lines normally but every other bit of every piece is filled to the brim with shapes and colors. This formula Russo has created is absolutely brilliant for a multitude of reasons. For one, this appeals to the common person who is only trained to see normal, familiar shapes like those of animals. Yet, in spite of being based in such representational art, the rest is so abstract Russo's paintings represents the infinite amount of personalities and thoughts and feelings each subject could have at any point in time. Because of this, many of Russo's paintings are sponsored by charity organizations such as The Mountain for animal conservation and other causes, which is how I first found out about him. Most of his work goes towards these kinds of great causes we should all invest into, and every painting shows us why.

Here's what others say about Dean Russo:
The Grommet agrees with my sentiments - saying Russo's art is a fantastic representation of all that an animal is and will be beyond their aesthetics.  Every piece has every bit of love we would pour into our pets.
FramedArt describes Russo as amazingly unique and masterful in capturing the individualism of every living creature. It's also noted that his ability to use at least ten mediums in every work without seeming to be too much is unparalleled. 
Frame USA says Russo's love of animals is effectively communicated through every work he has done. The vibrancy in each painting is to contrast his home, Brooklyn, to say animals and Brooklyn are both misunderstood and no matter where one is they are as bright as his work.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, (AKA Eminem)

Rapper, song producer, and actor, Eminem is one of the best-selling rappers in the 21st century and has continued to stay relevant throughout the past years, starting his music history in early 1999. Growing up with Eminem as a child influenced me in a lot of ways, and his music has always stayed relevant in my life. Having 15 Grammys under his belt along with his latest album Music to Be Murdered By becoming his 10th consecutive album to debut at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. One of the most admirable things about him is that even after all of the criticism with some of his past albums he still continues with his music and makes it to the top every time. Eminem started rapping at age 14, and dropped out of high school due to his bad homelife situation but he managed to take his pain and put it towards his songs like, “Cleaning out my closet” or “headlights” and even created an iconic alter ego named Slim Shady. Still continuing with his music career, I think his fame will only increase as times go on, and will go down as a legendary rapper.

o    Everything you need in terms of Eminem, his latest album for sale along with his merchandise. You also can listen to his new singles as well as buy a ticket for his new tour coming out soon.
o    Everything you need to know about Eminem is on this page, His family, his education, as well as his career and song history, you can get all the information that defines him as a person along with some quick facts to interest you.
o    Fun facts that you never knew about Eminem, that you NEED to know about him. 50 facts listen about him and his life.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is often hailed a master of science fiction. He wrote scores of short stories and novels throughout his lifetime in science fiction, horror, fantasy, and mystery fiction. However, Bradbury himself denied being a science fiction writer. He claimed he only wrote one science fiction story and that was the famous Fahrenheit 451. His other stories, he said, were fantasy, that they could not ever be real. Surely automated cars, the illegality of walking down the street at night, a fully automated home the only survivor of nuclear warfare, seemed fantastical in the mid to late 20th century, but in today’s world these seem just a few breakthroughs away. We already have Alexas and Google Homes and Rumbas and other Smart technology featured in “August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains.” Bradbury’s work is monumental in fiction and in our futures. His stories tell us of what can be, and what should not be. He predicted much of today’s world back in the 1950s, and if we read closely, we will see the danger in where we are heading as a society. Ray Bradbury’s works are as much a warning as they are a hope.
A New York Times article about Ray Bradbury's rise from Pulp Fiction into mainstream fiction and why he is now in high school curriculum's across the country.
An article on Barack Obama among others speaking to Ray Bradbury's influence, after his passing.
Ray Bradbury's website featuring a biography, his works, fun facts, events, and other articles about him.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Brockhampton advertises themselves as an all-American rap and hip-pop boyband. The group consists of not only the vocal members, but the others that contribute to photography, as producers, and the designers. Currently the vocal members of the group are Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, Joba, and Bearface. I enjoy and have attended many Brockhampton concerts because they are such an original group and as they say - ‘the best boyband since one direction.’ Their most recent album came out last year with more and more people discovering their music through social media and have recently been rising to the top of the charts. Brockhampton has a diversity of styles and people that make for the perfect mixture of songs that are catchy and also relatable. Each of the members complement each other with their energy, voices, and backgrounds.  

'live concert' joannahearts
'Brockhampton Marks Its Mainstream Arrival With A No. 1 Album'
New York Times wrote an article recently about Brockhampton's album "Iridescence." This album really marks the time when they started rising to the tops of the charts. Before, they were a starting group of individual songwriters and producers that came together and now more popular than ever.
Shop, browse, and stay connected with updates and new singles. Here is their official website that you can find all their social medias from youtube, instagram, twitter, and spotify.
Please note - there can be explicit content on this page
The Varsity reviews Brockhampton's most recent world tour
Their most recent tour "Heaven Belongs to You" was recently (in the last month) reviewed. Read about their setlist and opening headliner to the stage design and lighting. This talks about their diverse fan base and vibrant energy of the venues.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Fredrick Jamel "Freddie Gibbs" Tipton

Fredrick Jamel Tipton a.k.a "Freddie Gibbs"

Freddie Gibbs is a hip-hop artist from Gary, Indiana, just south of Chicago metro area. Among the mainstream media, he tends to fall more in the "underground" category of hip-hop and rap. However, I believe he has some of the most complete and well-produced albums of all time and is extremely influential for younger artists in the hip-hop industry. He was born in 1982, so he has been through many different eras of hip-hop music. This, I believe gives him a more broad view of different styles of hip-hop and allows him to constantly change and evolve his sound. For example, probably his most popular album, Piñata (2014), produced by legendary producer Madlib, has very old-school vibes and shows how he was inspired by legendary classic hip-hop artists like 2pac, Pusha-T, and Jay-Z. However, in his 2018 mixtape titled Freddie, he implements many elements of modern "trap" music and shows how he is able to evolve to the current hip-hop style and culture. 


This article talks about Freddie's struggles in trying to become a major artist and shows how resilient a person he is. Even now, he has to work hard to keep his image up.

In this interview, Freddie discusses his experiences with racism and police brutality and opens up on his acceptance as a role model within the hip-hop community.

To me, this interview shows a side of Gibbs that we would never normally get to see. He truly opens up about his experiences and talks about the importance of talking about your issues.