Thursday, May 23, 2019

Amy Winehouse

For as long as I can remember, I have loved listening to various genre's of music. Old school jazz to up and coming pop artists. Amy Winehouse combined both my love for old music and a new fresh sound. Her lyrics told a story, and as I grew older - the more I have grown to relating to her lyrics. Every time ' Love is a Losing Game' comes on my phone, I can't help but just shift all my focus onto the music, and it's soft instrumental in the background paired with her low, drawn out vocals captures my attention, almost as if it were to put me into a trance. As silly as that sounds, much of her music has that effect - being able to pull listeners in and see a glimpse into her world.  The best aspect of her music was that it wasn't too old school for young listeners to enjoy, and it wasn't too 'pop' for it to be unenjoyable for others. The blend brought so many people together, and her music will live on to tell stories of heartbreak, joy and other fleeting memories. Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse.  &
This is the link to the official Amy Winehouse website, which includes merchandise, news and a link to the Amy Winehouse foundation which is to help  people with drug and alcohol misuse / addictions. The foundation is specifically created to help those that are at a disadvantage when trying to seek treatment and recovery. The homesite of the official Amy site also celebrates the album Frank's 10th, but was posted back in 2013. Frank was the first album Amy Winehouse wrote and released. 
This site offers a inside look at the life of Amy Winehouse, including leading up to her death and her childhood before fame. It gives those who are reading a closer look at who Amy winehouse was and give context to her music, as you notice the music became more somber and gloomy leading up to the end.
I include this Rolling Stones article about her Back to Black and how it came to be, because it was a part of a celebration of her 2nd and last album before passing. It showcased the inspiration behind much of Amy's music - including jazz girl groups from the 60's as part of her influence from her first album and that she had moved on from that jazz scene in her second album.

 Bonus : On most streaming platforms the Amy Winehouse documentary is available to watch if you want to sit and watch, learn and fall in love with the person who created so many amazing songs in the 2000's.

Marcel Duchamp

This website does an excellent job of describing what a “readymade” is and how it pertains to Duchamp’s artistic philosophy. Readymades contest the notion that art has to be beautiful and that artists have to create everything by their own hand. gives a detailed overview of Duchamp’s life, philosophy, artworks, and how his art applies to the Dada movement in the 1910s-1920s. Duchamp integrated a sense of “umor” into his work and had an awareness of what it meant to create satirical pieces: cited within the website, a Guardian article states that Duchamp’s “dictionary” includes “Artist, Bicycle Wheel, Breasts, Cheese, and Chess” among others.

The Art Story discusses the life of Duchamp and how his art was influential to Dada as well as art, as a whole, in the 20th century. Pieces such as Nude Descending A Staircase, Fountain, and L.H.O.O.Q are presented as some of his most important works. 

Marcel Duchamp’s work is especially compelling due to the fact that it subverts every expectation of classical artistic practice. Duchamp took what the art world desired and turned it on its head: artists were expected to create all their own works and have them be traditionally beautiful. They way in which Duchamp interpreted this expectation is especially interesting due to the fact that it had never been seen before. Creating art from “readymade” objects such as urinals and bicycle wheels, Duchamp thought about what it meant for art to actually be art. Other artists, such as Man Ray, took inspiration from this: Ray created Gift and Object to Be Destroyed and based them on the philosophy that art did not have to be classically beautiful but rather aesthetically pleasing. In an increasingly technological world, Duchamp and the Dadaists, including but not limited to Tristan Tzara, Salvador Dali, and RenĂ© Magritte, were inspired by absurdity of World War I and created reactionary art that displayed their discontent with modern warfare. This posed many questions that the art world was not prepared to answer. Where does art fit into modern society? Are artists responsible for their own work and its interpretations? Duchamp sought to answer these questions through his work. 

Monday, May 20, 2019


CIARA // ciara princess harris

An artist that personally inspires me, is Ciara, who is known for her talents as mainly a singer and songwriter, but also as a dancer. Ciara grew up in Austin, Texas and then ended up moving to Georgia where she joined the female group called “Hearsay”. After launching her career through the group, Ciara became an independent artist. Ciara is known for her top hits “One, Two, Step” “Body Party”, and “Ride”. Ciara’s first songs were very much surrounded amongst the purpose of creating entertaining and sexy songs, but now they have increased in deeper meaning. What I love about Ciara is her flawless confidence, female empowerment, dancing abilities, and the positive impact she has on other people. She is most known for her recent song called “Level Up”, which is about becoming a better figure for yourself in all areas of life. It is about embracing your self worth, and not settling for anything in life whether it be a job, relationship, or difficult situation in life.

In the first few seconds Ciara says “be in your boss, love yourself, dance, level up”. This music video currently has 1.7 million views and the song has taken over the modern choreography world. I like this video alot becuase it showcases her upbeat dancing.

This second one is another of my favorites, because it shows aspects of her hertiage and includes classic hip hop styles.

This last video, is an interview. Ciara talks about being “her own CEO”. This in my opinion, was so influential and really showed her fans how much of an independent and hardworking woman she is.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Kim Chungha

The artist that I'd like to share is Chungha Kim, but in Korea they say the last name first, so she goes by Kim Chungha. The reason behind me sharing her is because I truly admire her dancing talent. I, as as a dancer, use her own choreography as an inspiration when it comes down to making my own choreography. Her style is very similar to what I do when I choreograph and watching how she executes her moves is what makes me want to grow as a dancer. In Korea and US, Chungha's dancing is very well known! It has been infamous since her first appearance as a K-pop idol on a Korean show called "Produce 101". (1:50-2:33)
This video is what made Chungha's dancing famous. Nobody could believe that what she did was freestyle. Since then, she's gone through the process of becoming a K-pop idol, and her dancing has grown a lot since then.
This second video is a piece that Chungha choreographed herself. As you can see, her growth in dance is huge compared to the previous video. The way she executes her moves is a lot stronger.
This article is about Chungha's first win with her most recent comeback "Gotta Go". If you take a look at the video that is also included in the article, the choreography is nothing the way you'd expect it because of the way she dances. The choreography that goes along with the song is what gave her the well-deserved winning position on the charts.

Alex Turner

Alex Turner

Not everyone can make a name for themselves. Not everyone can really pull off their own style. But Alex Turner can. This Englishman started his singing career as just another garage band, shaggy-haired average-joe. It took him a couple years in the industry to work out his kinks, explore his potential as an artist, and define his image in the Arctic Monkeys. In fact, Alex Turner has defined his image many times. Because that is what Alex Turner does best. More than a singer, he's an actor, a chameleon, a shifting, shapeless mass of egoism and musical success. He can sing and write music, he knows it, but he also knows how to be something he is not, and he knows how to do it well. What I find most inspiring about Alex Turner is that he just oozes swaggering charisma and confidence on stage despite him knowing how fake he is. He completely pulls off everything he does, whether he is dressed as a leather-jacketed greaser, 70's rocker, or a preppy broken-hearted romantic. He is like a great actor, able to pull off any role and make himself believable, and, as an artist, this makes him more than just a singer.  

Alex's many styles and looks throughout his career.

Some interesting esoteric facts about the man himself.

Alex gives us some insight on the magic behind his musical madness. 

Dan Avidan
This is the Youtube channel that is partly owned by Dan Avidan, along with Arin Hanson. This is a well known media outlet and source of information on Dan do to it being of of the biggest Lets Play channels on Youtube where both he and Arin Hanson post videos of them playing video games to earn revenue through the use of Youtube advertisement monetization and the selling of channel related merchandise.
This is the main website for the band Dan Avidan Co owns with Brian Wecht. This is what first got Dan Avidan on the scene of pop culture and in the view of the public eye. The band itself makes comedy 1980's style music and has so far published four original albums: NSFW, Strawberries and Cream, Attitude City, and Cool Patrol.
Starbomb is another band co owned by Dan Avidan, along with Arin Hanson, and Brian Wecht. The band identifies itself as a Synthpop/Hip-Hop supergroup that creates video game based parody music. This is the second band that has Dan Avidan as a main vocalist and co owner.

I feel as though Dan Avidan is worth sharing do to the way he rose into modern day pop culture, the parody/comedy type of music that he produces, and the important part that he has played in the modern day sub culture of Youtube Lets Play communities. His rise into what is modern day pop culture could be seen as a strange and lucky one within the eye of someone viewing it. With his initial start up in the genre of comedy pop music its rare to see someone rise to the level of popularity that he has. This can somewhat be attributed to his time spent on the Lets Play channel on Youtube "Game Grumps" where he gained some following do to his time spent playing video games with Arin Hanson a fellow Youtube entertainer and vocalist. This in itself is also another reason I feel that he deserves to be recognized within this post, the rise in popularity of  the Youtube Lets Play community can partially be attributed to him along with Arin Hanson and Jonathan Jafari do to their time spent on the popular channel "Game Grumps". From his rise to stardom in an uncommon musical genre to his continuing success as a personality, entertainer, and performer. I feel although he deserves to be recognized as a influential artist of our time do to his impact on what we view as current pop culture and art within his mediums.

Raffaello Sanzio Da Urbino

     Raphael has always been one of my very favorite artists due to his compelling work in painting, and the content that he chose to picture in his art. He worked in the same era as Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci in the high renaissance period. My favorite work of his has to be "The School of Athens" which is present in the Vatican. I love how he references historical figures that he admired, as well as showcasing his ability to use point perspective to give the painting depth and make it lifelike. Additionally, I find Raphael a very compelling artist due to his tendency to paint self-portraits. Many artists want to be recognized for their work, so I find it entertaining that Raphael made himself the subject of many of his works to point out how highly he thought of himself as a painter. He mainly painted oil on canvas but also completed many drawings and some architecture in his lifetime. After a two week long illness at the age of only thirty-seven, Raphael passed away and was buried in the Pantheon.
Three informational website links about Raphael:

  • - This website provides a great short biography on Raphael. It provides information on his various life periods and the major art that he produced. It is a very reliable source and would be great for researching before writing an essay on him.
  • - This website provides a brief synapse of who Raphael was, but is most useful due to its visual images of his work. It includes photos, titles, and descriptions of all of his most famous art. This site would be a good source for seeing and analyzing photos of his paintings.
  • - This website has a detailed but concise description of Raphael's life and works, but should be most noted for its slideshow of several of his most famous works. It is a very reliable website to find a brief description of this artist along with showing viewers a good sample of his work. It would be best for just learning a few facts about Raphael, not necessarily an essay research resource.