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Francis Bacon 
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 Francis Bacon is one of the most revolutionary artist’s of the 20th century. His work to me, exemplifies raw emotion. Initially his artwork looks terrifying. It is scary, twisted, blurry and somewhat gruesome. In my opinion this kind of dismorphic surrealism is engaging and I automatically want to delve deeper into the piece. I respect Francis Bacon and admire him as an individual because he wasn’t afraid to break the stereotypical idea of normalcy. He sought to expose people at their very core and instead of painting what he saw he painted what he felt. His art exudes emotion and feeling and that to me holds a significant amount of value. 
 This article summarizes Francis Bacon’s biography and shows the evolution of his surrealist style. It also note s the artwork that gave him a reputation in the art world.
 This article describes Francis Bacon’s exhibition at the Met. It highlights the uniqueness of his style and points out why he was such a controversial and powerful artist. He brought homosexuality into artwork and sought to express its normalcy to the world. This article describes his surrealist and abstract style and summarizes the evolution of his career. 
 This article summarizes the history of Bacon’s life, highlights the influence of Picasso’s artwork, and why his paintings were revolutionary in the 50’s.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Aaron Carmack

MRCAR/\\ACK   (Producer & DJ)

Mr. Carmack is on the rise and every growing up, just like his music.

Above is Carmack's website where you can read his story of self expression; The latest news on Carmack's collaborations; His tracks and upcoming shows. Mr. Carmack is at the head of trap music today, he uses his artistic producing capabilities to perfectly make bass influenced electronic music. His production include both instrumentals and remixes with a new and improved sound of tomorrow. I know for myself that he is amazing live and that he is becoming more well known by the day.

Soulection is a group of DJs and producers that share their works and creations with each other and are broadcasted every Saturday from 7-9pm, as an exhilarating playlist for your night out, with some background about the artists performing.

Soulection's homepage has more information on the artists and DJs part of the team, while Carmack's site has his songs and shows to come. I expect him and the group that he is a part of, SOULECTION, to be on the forefront of productions in the coming future. I do not see trap music becoming less relevant in pop culture, so I see Mr. Carmack as an extremely worthy artist to share on this blog.


As a fan myself, here is one of his latest songs released and his fan page containing a short biography, his credits to songs he produced for other artists, and his upcoming projects & tours.

Lauren Froderman

Lauren Froderman

Lauren is an American dancer, and the season 7 winner of the dance TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. 

Site #1 -

This is Lauren's IMDb page. It gives a little bit of a bio of her life, and also some of her credit and things that she has done. It is good insight into her life and the things she has accomplished. 

Site #2 -

This is a video of Lauren's audition for the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. This is a great representation of who she is as a dancer.  

Site #3 -

This is an article that was written about Lauren after she won the show. I thought it was a good representation of her, and gives some more insight on who she is as a person and a dancer. 

I chose Lauren as my artist because she is such an inspiring dancer. Like many of us dancers, she started out young, dancing for fun. She was just a regular person with a dream to do something with her passion and what she loved to do - dance. I found her compelling not only because of her background, but because she is just an amazing dancer. On the show she won, So You Think You Can Dance, she was named the best female to ever be on the show. Her drive and love for dance is touching, and I felt like she is a great example of what many dancers aspire to be one day. 

Hiromu Arakawa

Hiromu Arakawa

Hiromu Arakawa  is the creative prowess behind many successful manga, the most prominent for Americans being Fullmetal Alchemist. Although it is hard to find a lot of information on Japanese manga atists, it is actually harder to find information on her, due to her having a very private nature.

Arakawa is a woman who seems to have more in common with me the more I learn from her. At first, I thought she was this funny woman who created a world that was incredibly complex, violent, and depressing, but had to have this fun-loving side because she ended up with blurbs at the end of each manga volume where she drew herself as a cow with glasses. However, when learning about her agricultural background, I began to realize we both share a strange love of farm animals.

Growing up in Hokkaido, she attended a high school where the students actually help run a large scale agricultural center that involves dairy, meat, and vegetation. Later, she even used this experience to create a hit series called Silver Spoon. After graduating from high school, she moved to Takyo and began working under a manga artist before she created a one-shot story for Square Enix that developed into the series Fullmetal Alchemist.

As an artist working with a series marketed toward the male demographic, she created the pen name Hiromu, rather than her given Hiromi, to sound masculine. However, as her success became widespread, eventually becoming international, her gender has since been revealed and she is still accepted as a large competitor in the manga industry.

In her personal life, she has married and had three children, attending an interview just some days after she had given birth,

For more information, visit:

Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson is the author and artist behind one of the world's most famous comic strips: Calvin and Hobbes. He is an intriguing man and artist. His dedication to privacy despite his fame is very admirable, as is his ability to critique the world in such an accessible format. I find Bill Watterson to be especially worth sharing because of the beloved nature of his comics, and his ability to create truly strong characters and capture the essence of boyhood while humorously critiquing the world through such lovable characters.

This brief biography about Bill Waterson reveals that Watterson had a very rough start at being a comic artist. While he did receive a job straight out of college as an editorial cartoonist, he lost the job within a year and spent the next several years living at is parents sending comics off to be rejected. Watterson's success came with the creation of Calvin and Hobbes, the well known and loved comic strip that led Watterson to be the youngest ever recipient of the National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Award. Watterson ended the comic strip in after ten years in 1995 to ensure the integrity of his creation was not compromised with time. It is for the same reason that he has always adamantly refused to allow merchandising of his characters.

In this interview with Bill Watterson, Watterson talks about his growth as an artist, is inspiration, and the decision to make Hobbes a tiger. He talks about how as a kid, he was a huge fan of the Peanuts comics by Charles Schultz. As for the art style used in the Calvin and Hobbes comics, Watterson said that he didn't think much of it at first, as he figured it would just get thrown out and rejected like his other works, but as time progressed he began to think more about what angles he was drawing Calvin from and making small changes to make it easier to do things like make him run. He mentions that one thing he really liked about the comics was that Calvin's fantasies were always drawn more realistically than his reality, because he feels like it says a lot about Calvin's character. As for Hobbes, Watterson says that he felt like Calvin needed something less common than a bear, and as soon as he thought of a tiger he knew it was the best option, especially considering Watterson's fondness for cats.

In this interview of Bill Watterson by Mental Floss (if you don't read Mental Floss, you should), Watterson talks about his lack of autonomy early on when writing Calvin and Hobbes. He reveals that in order to even get published, he had to sign away most of his rights to his own work, and in fighting against licensing deals that would allow Calvin and Hobbes to be merchandised and turned into movies, etc. (think superhero comics here) he risked losing control of his own creation. Apparently, had he not been so passionate in his arguments for the control of the artist over his creations, Watterson's stubbornness could have resulted in someone else being hired to continue writing and drawing Calvin and Hobbes comics - Watterson could ave been replaced regarding his own creation. He reveals a lot of frustration with the comic industry (and rightly so!)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Salvador Dali

The artist I chose was Salvador Dali. When I was younger, my dad bought Salvador Dali's rendition of the last supper.

 I really enjoyed this piece of art, even though it is one of his more milder paintings. It wasnt until I saw his other paintings that I truly started to enjoy his work. His art is abstract and all over that place, yet still very detailed and full of color and meaning. Next my dad got another one, I cant remember the name but it has a guy kneeling with a cross before a huge elephant horse. Both of these are his "milder: paintings but I still enjoyed them and they brought me into things like "The Persistence Of Memory"

The first like is "" and this goes to what I assume is his website. It has his exhibits and a gallery of his paintings as well as backround info

The second link is "" and it has a more extensive biography of his life, showing less of the artwork but fully delving into who he is and was.
The third link is "" which has 10 interesting facts about a very popular artist.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens, 40, is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who has utilized his musical talents to produce several cross-genre albums. As an artist, I find him compelling for the talent this endeavor demonstrates; Stevens' mastery of musical sound, coupled with his understanding of the sounds and desires within each genre, create dynamic and intriguing records. Further, all the sounds on Steven's records are ones he personally made: he utilizes "multitrack recording", in which uses one instrument to make a sound, and then puts it on a loop to keep it in the song while he plays another instrument.

This man is a musical and lyrical genius.

Sites About Stevens:
This website covers Stevens' basic biography, from his introduction to music to the release of his latest album. It is a great sight for general "get to know you" information.
This website is Stevens' "Home" website, with links to the record label he created with his stepfather, Asthmatic Kitty. This website contains personal interviews with Stevens, as well as videos of his music and tour dates.
NPR's artist page on Sufjan Stevens. This page covers old interviews, opinions on his latest pieces, and recordings. Some of the interviews on this page cover the stories behind his songs, what inspired them, and his opinions of them.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is a hip-hop artist from the city of Compton. He has been involved in music ever since his teenage years, he made his first mixtape back in 2003 under the name K-Dot. The mixtape received attention locally, but it wasn't until 2010 that Kendrick started to receive widespread recognition for his music. His rise to notoriety arguably came about with the release of his first album Section.80, shortly after he released good Kid m.A.A.d city and recently released another album To Pimp a Butterfly.

I chose this artist because his music truly resonates with me in a way that no other artist has. My "relationship" with his music has been constantly evolving, I've never found an artist that has challenged my own perspective as much as Kendrick has been able to. I've been listening to him for a couple of years now and over that time my view of him as an artist, as a person and my view of his music, have changed drastically.

 Like most hip-hop artists Kendrick speaks candidly about drug use, violence, and making money but unlike most artists in the genre, Kendrick's tone regarding these topics is entirely different almost disdainful yet understanding and sympathetic. The most interesting part of this, is that this tone is not overtly obvious the first time listening to Kendrick's music. He has several songs that are perfect examples of this; "Swimming Pools" off good Kid m.A.A.d city and "A.D.H.D" off Section.80 both convey this unique tone.

If you were to listen to those songs without truly picking apart the complexity of the lyrics, you could easily miss Kendrick's message. This is exactly how my relationship with his music has evolved, and changed my own perspective on how I've been living. When I first got into his music I enjoyed how it made me feel, the lyrics were rough and uncensored, they made me feel like I could be as tough as someone who grew up in one of the roughest cities in the nation. Over time after listening to him frequently, I began to have revelations listening to his songs, realizing the true message he was trying to convey. When I saw him perform at the Sasquatch Music Festival this past memorial day weekend was when I really started to take some of the things he was saying to heart.

This isn't really the place for many specifics, so I won't elaborate too much, but Kendrick has shared a lot of his insight with me. This insight has come from his music mostly but especially from seeing him perform live. During that performance, he wasn't afraid to be "real" with the audience. The questions he asked during that performance stuck with me and made me question my own behaviors and patterns of substance use. I still have a lot of questions that I believe he prompted, honestly I would love to have the chance to just have a conversation with this person. His life experience has been so drastically different than mine and I believe he has a lot to share based on that experience, things that are so valuable they shouldn't just be overlooked because it is contained in hip-hop music.

Enough of my opinion, I've put some links below with other's thoughts about Kendrick:

As such a powerful and compelling artist, he is inevitably surrounded by some controversy.
The following link details the opinion of a pundit of FOX News. I chose this link because it is the polar opposite of my opinion of this artist, and goes so far to claim that Kendrick's music has, "done more damage to young African-Americans than racism".

The next link I'm providing presents mixed opinions about his most recent release To Pimp A Butterfly. I'm choosing this link because it outlines both perspectives very well, both the pros and cons.

The last link I am presenting covers just how challenging To Pimp A Butterfly is, and discusses some of the subtleties contained in the album that some may miss.

Thanks for reading.


Tablo (Daniel Armand Lee) is one of the most famous rappers in South Korea. He is also the leader of a South Korean hip hop group called Epik High. I have heard of his songs ever since he debuted in 2001, but was never a huge fan of his until I came across his newest album “Shoebox” last year. Out of so many musicians I know, I call him my favorite because not only that I like his songs, but because of his kind advice that he gave to his fans and the share of his hard past at his recent concert in Seattle. As Tablo and Epik High was getting really popular in South Korea, Tablo had to face one of the biggest struggles that he has ever went through in his life. In mid-2010, a group of internet users raised doubts about the academic background of Tablo. Some people thought that Tablo could not have graduated from Stanford University with both a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in English and Creative writing in just 3 and a half year. Tablo fought against those people and proved that he actually did graduated from Stanford University by making a documentary film of himself actually visiting the campus. I personally think that he shouldn’t had to go through all the hard times that he had just because of those anti-fans, but it definitely made him stronger today. His music really touches my heart and I really wish Epik High grows more to be a worldwide hip hop group someday. 

This link has some descriptions of the hip hop group he is in (Epik Hig)

His most recent alum (Shoebox)

The interview of Tablo about his life, his music, and himself

John Coltrane

John Coltrane is a personal Jazz hero of mine. Born in 1926 he was introduced to music at a very early age. His father played several instruments which was a major reason why Coltrane decided to learn to play. He first learned the Clarinet and E-flat horn, which is a brass instrument that looks like a very small tuba. In high school he found jazz and that prompted him to start playing the alto sax, which is the saxophone that most people associate with jazz. He was drafted into the Navy during WWII and played with the Navy Band in Hawaii. After the war was over John Coltrane learned how to play the tenor saxophone which he is most known for playing.

After the war John Coltrane went on to play in bands with jazz greats like Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis. Both of these men where innovators in the Jazz genre and this sparked John Coltrane's journey to leave a distinct mark on Jazz himself. Miles Davis showed John that Jazz didn't have to be just aimless runs of notes but deliberate and that silence could be just as meaningful as sound. This lesson and John Coltrane's deep spirituality lead him to create soulfully revealing Jazz that people wanted and needed to hear. The deceptive simplicity of John's music has inspired generations of Jazz lovers. No one has done it the same or so spiritually charged since his untimely death in 1967 of liver disease. He is one of the most imitated Jazz musicians that has ever lived.

Official John Coltrane Page
 This is the official page of John Coltrane. It contains a biography, a complete discography, store and information about his foundation.

 Audio Features about John Coltrane, His Works and His Influence
PBS page from the Ken Burns Jazz Videos. It contains audio Features about John Coltrane.

Only Video of John Coltrane Playing "A Love Supreme"
Only 12 minutes of this video recording survived. It was recorded during John's only time playing "A Love Supreme" live in concert.

Valeriya Volkova

Valeriya Volkova is an artist I happened to stumble upon on reddit, and I fell in love with her work. Her art is cartoonlike and decorated with vivid colors. Most of her work is cheerful and funny, but at times can be dark, creepy, and nightmarish.  Her work is very abstract and fits together random objects, places and things into a surprisingly cohesive whole.  In some of her pieces, she almost has an MC Escher feel where tunnels and bridges and ledges all mash together nonsensically.

The subject of her work is extremely variable; cities, landscapes, portraits, beasts, flowers, and eclectic patterns. If you step back and look at one of her eclectic pieces as a whole the landscape may make sense, but as your eye travels across it and you can analyze the smaller details, you realize just how weird and wide her imagination is. She loves to design work especially to make people laugh, and will take requests online of her to make a painting off of a bunch of random things you enjoy:

Valeriya works as a graphic designer and children’s book illustrator in Philadelphia. Online, she presents her work in a very easy to browse fashion separated by type of subject presented in the piece. Her artwork is so fun and interesting that anyone is able to order large prints of her work or even her artwork on clothing.

On her main website, there is even a link to a page where you can dress a turquoise sasquatch named Francis (the sasquatch and all the clothing is her artwork).  Just for giggles.

I really enjoy her work because she is such a silly person. She makes art fun. She is so incredibly talented, and uses it to make people happy. Her artwork makes you see a new perspective to everyday life that you may not have otherwise.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Martin Garrix

The Electronic Music Prodigy - Martin Garrix

“I want to show everyone that if you pursue your dreams, 
they can come true no matter what. 
That's what I want to do." 


Martijn Garritsen (born 14 May 1996), better known as his stage name Martin Garrix, is a Dutch Electro-house DJ/producer signed to Spinnin' Records. He is best known for his track "Animal", which was a Top 10 hit in more than 10 countries. He debuted at number 40 of DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJs and is ranked number 4 currently.

Music Career

Martin Garrix kicked off his career in a high-profile way, first landing on the dance charts with his 2012 remix of Christina Aguilera's "Your Body." As a young age of 16, Martin Garrix signed to Spinnin' Records in 2012 and releasing the "BFAM", a co-release with Julian Jordan. In the same year, he won the SLAM! FM DJ Talent of the Year Award. 

In 2013, he released his well-known solo track "Animal" that reached the number one position in several countries worldwide including Scotland and the U.K. and as well as the Top Ten in eight other countries. 

The following year, he released his first extended play (EP), Gold Skies. The EP includes his singles "Animals", "Wizard", "Tremor", "Gold Skies" and "Proxy." His track "Wizard" featuring Jay Hardway charted Top Ten across Europe and ascended Number One on Beatport, making it the youngest artists ever to reach the top spot on’s Main Chart.

Early in the year of 2015, Martin Garrix releases several tracks with several well-knowing DJs and singer. His latest songs with Matisse & Sadko called "Dragon" and "Break Through The Silence".

Martin Garrix posts his tour dates and locations, his musics, pictures of he took, contact, and links to his social networking platforms.

Martin Garrix posts his most recent tracks and his mix at the music festival.

In this link, you can find Martin Garrix's recent news, biography, music videos, and photos.

Martin Garrix's well-knowing track "Animal" was my first and favorite electronic music. I stated to follow him on his social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Spotify. As a young age of 19, he is already a famous and talented DJ of the world which shocks and inspired me. He pursues his dreams and succeed and what couldn't I.

Show Luo

Show Luo, singer, actor, and host.
Show Luo is a popular singer in Taiwan. In addition, he is also an actor and host. I like his music, dance, drama, movie and TV show. I started to listen his music since 2003. When I heard his first hit song of his first album - "Show Time", I couldn't get the song out of my mind for a long time. I keep singing and listening the song until his second hit song came out. The song "Show Time" is a high tempo J-hip hop with rap lyrics in Chinese and Japanese. In addition, the song was written by himself. Therefore, I started to follow him with interest. While I watched his TV show called "100% Entertainment", I discovered that he is a very funny guy. He always made lots of fun in his TV show. Furthermore, he opened lots of world tour concert since 2007. The concerts had been performed in Asian, Australia, Canada and America. Now, he is more and more popular. 
Show Luo performed in his concert.

About Show Luo
There are lots of information about Show Luo such as career, discography, concerts, filmography, and so on.

Show's Music
Here has a short biography about him, a list of all his music and video, and the top albums.

Show's Drama and Films
This website also has his biography and a list of all his drama and films. There are all listed by year.
 One of the famous drama "Hi My Sweetheart," a comedy