Monday, October 25, 2010

Photographer Ian Coble

Ian Coble

Skier Tyler Ceccanti- athlete of Crystal Mountain, WA
Other awesome photos..


This is Ian Coble’s website where is features his best photography work. He also has a page about himself, and all his contact information.

This is an interview with Ian Coble; it discusses his choice of photography equipment, his advice to amateur photographers, and his outlook on the season so far.

This is Ian’s blog, in it, you'll find his work and photos, news, events, and discussions from the sports and creative fields, as well as some advice and some miscellaneous ramblings.


Ian Coble is a sports, lifestyle, and portrait photographer. He has an extremely creative eye for outdoor photography. My favorite photos of Ian’s work are the skiing shots. He plays with so many vibrant colors and beautiful locations that the viewer is naturally engaged in the photo. Because skiing is such a fast paced sport, it is especially clear to me that Ian captures those perfect moments exceptionally well. He is well worth sharing because his style is unique. I find his work to be inspiring because it is so eye catching.