Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Norman Rockwel

Rockwell, Norman (1894-1978) - The Problem We All Live With
A painting Rockwell achieved great glory for. The setting is in the American 
south, fifty years ago. Ruby bridges being escorted to an all white school,
 one of the first accounts of school integrations in America.

Norman Rockwell initially considered himself nothing but a commercial illustrator. Although, he burdens much insecurity, he taped into a realm
 of art that was of a unique nature. His paintings and portraits not only portrayed the beauties in the world but told stories of struggle, and joy. 
 What initial reeled me into Norman Rockwell’s art was his painting of
 Ruby Bridges. I was first introduced to the piece in high school and fell 
in love with his art ever since.  

PBS did an episode on Norman Rockwell. This is the follow up article
 on his patriotism and how he impacted the world through his art work.
this site is a detailed timeline of Norman Rockwell’s life. It gives the
reader a greater understanding of who Rockwell was as a person, which
 in turn allows one to have a greater understanding of his work.
A brief introduction of the man Norman Rockwell grew to be. The theme
 of the website being “American pride”, the site is also filled with a
number of his world renowned pieces.