Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taylor Swift Singer/Song Writer/Actress

I had never been a fan of country music, in fact I despised it until I heard Taylor Swifts first single Tim McGraw. Instantly I was drawn into her amazing vocals, and I enjoyed the lyrics of the song because I could easily relate to them. Taylor Swift changed how I view country music, and for that I am so thankful for because now it is no longer despised, but rather it is loved. At such a young age Taylor Swift portrays a variety of amazing talents. Not to mention she is beautiful. Taylor not only sings, but she writes ALL of her own music. She tends to write about past experiences, and because of the age she is at her target audience of 13-25 year olds can relate to her music. This is what hooked me on Swift. Her lyrics allow you to put your own story into the song, which makes singing along feel much more meaningful. Taylor swift also has recently added acting to one of her many talents. Swift's first movie Valentines Day debuted in 2010 and featured swift as a very in love high school student with tons of spunk. Swift worked along side extremely experienced and well know actors such as Jessica Biel and Ashton Kutcher, and she did a fine job. Her scenes in the film not only made me laugh but once again I was able to connect with her character, sharing similar experiences and feelings. I believe Taylor Swift is one of the most multidimensional artists to come along, she has only just begun and she will continue to be great.

This is Taylor Swifts official website which allows you to view things such as her journal, music, pictures, tour schedules and much more. This website gives you an insight to who Swift is as an artist and as a person.

This site is based off of CMT's official website, it tells you all about Taylor swifts albums, tours, but what I liked the most about it was her biography.

This site is Swift's official YouTube channel. There are numerous music videos, interviews, and fan base videos directly linked to the site. This site also allows you to comment and meet other Taylor Swift fans.

I hope you all enjoy!