Monday, May 21, 2018

Tupac Shakur 

Tupac Shakur or just 2pac is a very iconic rapper of the 90s. Coming from East Harlem Lesane Parish Crooks (birth name) had a rough childhood as a lot of his family was going in and out of prison. It wasn't till his family moved to California that he started to make a difference. He wanted to rap about his reality and the reality of so many others without sugar coating it or making it seem nice. He died at the age of 25 and even though he died so young he was said to be one of the most influential rappers of all time. To me, he is an inspiration in a way that he stood up for himself and his people. He gave the silent a voice and the music he produced was played globally. Other rappers like NWA or Snoop Dogg or even his  record label Death Row help make that difference too. Yes he did have flaws and he also went in and out of prison for making dumb decisions but the impact he made on the music industry and in american culture was huge and he will still be influencing rappers and other artists even today. 

The picture to the right is from the Rolling Stones and with the link that I am going to put in will be Snoop Dogg talking on Tupac's behalf as he gets inducted to the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Snoop Dogg gives his personal insight on how he met 2Pac and how they bonded as friends and artists. Right now Snoop Dogg is still one of the biggest and best rappers that have been around for a long time. He has witnessed a lot and also been through a lot as well and it's very cool to see him talking about another artist like they were brothers. 

In the next link that I will share is a biography on 2Pac. This sight tells you about his records, his offenses, he childhood, and who he is today. It also answers a lot of common questions that comes up when people talk about him. The famous question "Is Tupac still alive?" is also answered on there as well. 

Even though Tupac has been gone for a while, his music and other products are still being sold. still has a big collection of T-shirts, hats, journal and even records. This sight also has stories of parts of Tupac's life like how his earlier songs were not actually songs they were poems and it shows us that. It also shows every song and album that he had and you can go listen to them and buy them. 

Overall, Tupac Shakur is and still will be one of the best rappers, actor, and artist of all time. 

Claude Monet

Claude Monet was a revolutionary artist within painting. He influenced the Impressionism movement within France. Claude Monet has always been my favorite painter. From an early age I took painting classes and recreated many of his impressionistic paintings. I also went to France where I saw his amazing paintings at the Musée d'Orsay and the Musée de l'Orangerie. His paintings are amazing because they are painted from real life environments and are an impression of a moment. He loved to paint nature around him particularly water lilies in his pond at his home in Giverny. I love how messy the paintings are up close from the overlapping of colors and differing brushstrokes. The paintings then look put together when viewed farther away. What is also so impressive about his paintings are the impasto and broken brushstrokes which are the thick brushstrokes that create an uneven texture on the canvas. This gives his paintings another dimension to them. Claude Monet also uses very bright happy colors within his paintings. I think he is a painter that should be appreciated by his amazing contributions he made to the artistic community.

This website provides a biography on Claude Monet’s life. It also has each digital image of the painting collections he has made. This website is an excellent resource to learn more about Impressionism as well.
This website provides information on the history of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies Cycle. These paintings depict his garden water lilies throughout various seasons. The website also has digital images of the water lily paintings that take up an entire wall.
This website provides resources on Claude Monet’s Life and his home in Giverny. The website provides information on how to visit Giverny and has a virtual tour to give to online visitors.

Tash Sultana

I would like to bring attention to Natasha (Tash) Sultana, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, Australia. This 22 year-old artist started crafting her musical talent at age 3 when she was gifted her grandfather’s guitar. Now, she can play 18 instruments including the trumpet, drums, saxophone and flute.

Tash had a breakthrough in 2016 when her live bedroom recordings on YouTube went viral. This is a link to her first post of “Jungle” which now has over 17 million views.

I came across Busker Stories, a webseries of short documentaries that reveals what it’s like to be a street performer - or busker - in Melbourne, Australia. Here is a link to the inside story of Tash Sultana and her busking experience:

Lastly, this a link to Tash Sultana’s website that features her upcoming tours, merchandise and short biography. I enjoyed scrolling through the concert dates and seeing how many are already sold out.  

Tash is a badass powerhouse with an amazing voice and captivating presence. My boyfriend was the one to show me her video recordings and I have been a huge fan ever since. We were able to see her live in Seattle last October as she was wrapping up her tour. Watching her dance around barefoot on stage while playing various instruments, beat-boxing and singing remains one of my most favorite concert experiences.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob is one of the first electronic music artists that I ever had the pleasure of listening to. They kickstarted a love for electronic music within me through their first album ' Drink the Sea'. Edward Ma (edIT), Justin Boreta (Boreta), Josh Mayer (Ooah) are the three members of the band. Each had a sizable discography before forming 'The Glitch Mob'. I really enjoy their studio albums, but their live music is what makes them so inspiring to me. They have designed their own instrument called the 'Blade'. They recently upgraded the instrument to the Blade 2.0. They perform their music on the instrument and it allows them to control the synths and percussion of each song making each performance unique. No song is identical to the studio version and it is a very special, intimate experience at their live shows.
The wikipedia article on The Glitch Mob gives a very good background on the band. It tells their history and how they were formed. A very good introduction to the band.
Here is a review of their new album, 'See Without Eyes'. It's a well written article explaining several of the songs and collaborations that were made during the album.
Here is a well done interview with the members of The Glitch Mob. It brings new insight into their relationships and insider information on their albums. This one is a fun read. They are a very modest group of people.

Taylor Swift

     Taylor Swift is the first American Singer I knew when I came to the U.S. I like her and I think I want to share my feeling with others because I found a lot of her songs are so real, it's something you can find connections in your life, at least I do. The lyrics are very attractive because of their true feelings. And you will find that people who like Taylor's lyrics are generally more emotional, sensitive. True feelings, this we all understand. a lot of words written in her songs are the stories of her and her boyfriends. They all have Taylor's own emotions in it. Many people think that her character was simple, immature, and self-willed, which caused the lyrics become so real. Although Taylor Swift has grown from a country girl to a strong woman, many people don't like the new Taylor compare with old Taylor, I like the old Taylor more, but I just want to share some of my opinions. 

This is her own website, it has music videos, news, and concert schedule, everything you want to know about her.

This is her youtube page, all the video about old and new Taylor is in there.

If you want to learn something general about her, this is a good place to learn some basic information about Taylor.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Rihanna is a huge inspiration to me. Not only is she a very talented singer and songwriter, she's outspoken about social issues that are important to her and uses her songs and stardom as a platform for that. She also has a very likable personality and I think a lot of her fans enjoy her very real personality that doesn't seem fake or like she's trying to be someone she isn't. One thing i like quite a bit about her is that she has started to act in the movies in the last few years and she's quite good. So i'm looking forward to seeing how she grows in this aspect.
This is her personal site that has a lot of information on her, including pictures and songs. I especially like the background she'll give on some of her songs and her inspiration for them.
Here's some background on the new Ocean's 8, movie which features 8 female protagonists, one of which is Rihanna. As i said above, this is something that is relatively new for her and it'll be interesting to see where she takes this.
This page just has some general information about her career and life not from Rihanna's own viewpoint. Her family life is pretty interesting to hear about.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lin-Manuel Miranda

1.Lin-Manuel Miranda

This is general biography of Miranda's life up until this point. It includes his experience as an actor, composer, and singer.
This article talks about Miranda's contributions to his community and the involvement he and his family have in providing programs for children for the arts.
This website talks about all the awards and recognitions he has received.

3. Lin-Manuel Miranda has changed the way Broadway perceives musical theater. He scored his first Broadway musical in 2008, Into the Heights, and won four Tony awards for that show. He then went on to compose a whole new style of musical, all in hip hop and rap, which had never been attempted before. His musical, Hamilton, took over the world by storm and inspired a new audience to discover and appreciate his hard work on this new form of art. He truly is an amazing composer, but he also starred as the leading role of Alexander Hamilton. He is a gifted rapper and singer and he has made monumental steps for the whole Broadway community.