Monday, November 1, 2010

Ansel Adams- A (mostly) landscape photographer

I chose to add Ansel Adams to the blog even though there is another photographer featured because I really enjoy photography. My interest in his work as well as his popularity in the photography world helped me chose to add him. He works almost completely in black and white, which is my favorite to shoot in. he also focuses mostly on landscape which is my preference while taking pictures. Adams got his start in the 20s by working with the Sierra Club and photographing the locations where he traveled as well as becoming a board member and defending Yosemite. Because of the work and care of Adams, many beautiful places in America are now preserved for the future and can continually be visited.

This website includes some of Ansel Adams’ photographs taken between 1933 and 1942, all from the western states. All of the photos are landscapes that are known to be Adams’ work. He was very interested in preserving the wilderness as well as creating an art form from the basic photography.

This website includes a bibliography about Ansel Adams as well as a timeline about his life, links to images, writings by and about him and links to other informatory sites. We learn from this site that he was originally interested in being a pianist at age 23. His first acknowledged photo appeared two years later.

This website is a gallery of Ansel Adams’ work including opportunities to purchase original photos, posters, and reproductions. The site also links to contemporary photographers who are working in black and white as well as photography education opportunities. There are links to Ansel Adams in the news as well as a bibliography and videos of interviews.

More information can be found on the Wikipedia page for Ansel Adams about his influence on photography as well as society.