Friday, November 5, 2010

Hannah Hoch by Riley Bamesberger

Hannah Hoch with one of her dolls

Uberwuchert. Original linocut, 1915

Fotomontage aus der Sammlung: "Aus einem ethnographischen Museum"
Hannah Hoch was the only woman active in Dadaism, an art movement started in Switzerland in the early part of the twentieth century. She worked in several mediums including print, photography, painting, doll making, performance art, and she was one of the first artists to make photomontages. Her photomontages consist of actual magazine and newspaper cut outs, which she pasted together to create new kinds of imagery. Because of her position as the only woman in the Dada movement, her work was often undermined and considered not as political as the male members. Her work has recently gained more critical analysis and several Feminist authors have read much deeper into her work than was ever previously done. 

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