Thursday, November 4, 2010

This twenty-four-year-old artist, Alexa Meade, paints portraits on people. She uses acrylic paint and applies it directly on models so that they appear to be two-dimensional paintings of themselves. The intention of her work is to skew viewer's perceptions and change the way in which they interpret spatial relationships.

Although I mostly had a desire to share this artist with others simply because her work blows my mind, I think these photos assist in portraying apparent tensions between perception and reality, which is extremely interesting. Some of the settings of her work are very obscure, and force awkward expressions upon peoples' faces. However, once realized, I imagine she is often praised for her credible work.

Check out some of Alexa's other paintings, they are all pretty amazing! What do you think?

External Links:
1. Alexa Mead's website: Alexa's official website containing her portfolio, brief biography, and contanct information.
2. The Irvine Contemporary which includes galleries for early and mid-career artists, including more photos of Alexa's work.
3. You can follow Alexa on twitter and become a fan of "Alexa Meade Art" on Facebook. &