Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jennifer Lopez

This webpage shares Jennifer's youth and how she came to rise to fame. It gives some information about her family background and where she grew up. Also, you can look at who she has married throughout the years.

This web page is Jennifer's personal website. On the website you can look up music videos that she recently released among other videos. Also on her website you can access recent news on her such as where she has performed lately and also you can get pictures.

This web page mainly talks about how many talents Jennifer Lopez really has. Besides just being a singer and dancer, she is an actress, fashion designer, and producer. While doing all these things she still manages to keep putting popular albums out in the music industry.

Jennifer Lopez was originally born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Living in a rather tough area, she had to really work for her career in the music industry. Not only can she sing in Spanish and English ( and have top charts with both), but she is also a talented dancer. She is inspiring to me because when she performs, you can really tell that she loves what she does and that she puts a lot of effort and heart into it. Not only does she do the "typical pop type of dance moves" but she also strives to stand out from the rest by dancing different styles of dance such as latin ballroom. On top of all this she has managed to stay in the music industry creating chart toppers and continually winning awards for many years.