Tuesday, July 24, 2012


    Many turn to music as a way to express emotions, as well as something to turn to in times of stress of hardships. For an artist, creating music that successfully resonates with the listeners can be challenging – they want a positive response to their music, as well as something that pushes them to publish more songs. Something else that helps an artist’s popularity  can be the uniqueness of them; someone who sounds the same to many other artists may not gain as much of an audience because they are lacking something that sets them apart.
A hip-hop artist who does an astounding job of this is Macklemore. He is a rapper from Seattle, but takes his rapping to a new level. He raps about subject matter that has never been touched on before in rapping; these include equality for homosexuals, personal drug stories, and controversial political material. The honesty and courage he exhibits through the lyrics in his songs is moving. He focuses on topics that many other current rappers either avoid or belittle. Listening to the way he raps makes him so respectable, and he has created a new turn for modern rapping in the fact that he raps about real life issues, problems that many listeners can relate to and appreciate, which has helped to make him as successful as he is.
Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis have been producing amazing music for years, and his popularity is continuously growing. What makes him so different is that he raps about real issues, real problems, and real experiences. He understands that what he puts in his songs can influence people, and has seen truly awful things happen because of the effect from what artists put in their songs, and he wants to change that and make a positive difference in the world. He genuinely appreciates each and every one of his fans, and it is very apparent that he puts his heart and soul into every song he writes.

This is Macklemore’s personal blog, where he posts pictures of his daily life, interesting news, tour dates, and music links. It’s a great page to use to follow him, and stay current on what he is working on. Through this page there is also access to the merchandise store, and other media and information about his crew.

This is an extremely powerful song, called “Same Love,” is the most recent song Macklemore announced and published. It tells the story of some of his personal experiences and feelings regarding homosexual relationships and marriages. In the lyrics, he mentions how he is frustrated with many current rappers using derogatory terms to talk about homosexuals, and that it is important for it to be more widely accepted.

“Otherside” is another inspiring song from Macklemore. This is the A Cappella version, which helps bring out the honestly and realness of this song. In it, he talks about how the media and singers/rappers can have such an impact on whoever listens or views what they publish. He talks about personal experiences with drugs, explaining how such a dependency on them can negatively impact the user’s life. It’s a moving song that stresses the importance of negative influences from both the media and drugs.