Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Four Tet 
"I think if you are producing music it is a good thing to do, just to keep reminding you of the effect music can have. Hearing it loud and seeing people react to it in a very instant physical way, is another side of music other than just listening to it at home."

Four Tet playing live. Photo (CC-BY-ND) Jonathan Fisher. 

Four Tet or Kieran Hebden was born 1978 in Putney London. As an artist he is one of the most influential acts to hit the music scene.  He has worked with numerous artists including Aphex Twin, Anti-Pop Consortium, Bonobo, Beth Orton, Born Ruffians, Explosions in the Sky, Super Furry Animals, Radiohead, Manic Street Preachers, Matthew Dear, Sia, Nathan Fake, Bloc Party, Andrew Bird, Kings of Convenience, Battles, Juana Molina, Madvillain, The xx, just to name a few.

Born to a South African-born Indian mother and a sociology lecturer father. Kieran first started playing music very young in what you would call a standard rock and roll band. After some time he became board with the standard sound of the genre and began to play around with the sounds of  the new and emerging electronic scene of the 90’s. After some experimentation he decided to make the jump to the next step. While attending the Elliot school in Putney he and a friend began the band Fridge which released their first album in 1997 when he was only 15 years of age. The next year he began releasing under the name Four Tet. He released the 36 minuet 25 second single named accordingly “Thirtysixtwentyfive” which made quiet an impression. After some time performing and producing music for various commercials he hit it big when he began opening for Radiohead in 2003.

Four Tet’s sound is one that blurs the line between genres. Using various Eastern, Middle Eastern, and jazz samples he is able to create soundscapes and textures that have set the bar very high for people following. The loop oriented tracks carry a meditative feel to them and are able to bring the listener to a sort of trance state. Everything he seems to touch turns to gold and as one of my personal favorite artists this young man has much more to offer to the ever-growing minimal electronic scene.

For anything Four Tet check this site out. From his performance schedule to any of his most recent activities this web page carries it all.  It is one of the sites that I check daily since Kieran is always putting out new sounds or artwork.  Any of his old albums can be found here as well as his all new releases.

If you haven’t been to the soundcloud site yet your missing out. This site is relatively new just braking 1 million users but is one I visit at least once a day. From new unheard artists making tracks in their mom and dad’s basement to the heavy hitters this site gives you everything you need. I recommend spending some time exploring these pages. Oh yay, and it carries everything you need to get a great first taste of the Four Tet experience.

             Also one of the sites I visit on a daily bases, discogs carries every piece of music put out by almost any artist you could think of and Four Tet is no exception. Discogs acts as a marketplace for vinyl and cd sales between fellow listeners. If you’re in to spinning records or just love the warmth of the vinyl sound like I do, I would definitely recommend checking this site out.