Sunday, November 10, 2013

Buddhist Art

Over the last four years I have been introduced and exposed to the buddhist religion. The religion has always been one of the more interesting ones in my opinion (I am traditionally not a religious person) and over these last couple years I have become overwhelmingly intrigued with the many components and aspects of this particular religion. I find myself admiring the many statues and tapestries of the buddhist gods and symbols. I soon found an amazing artist named Nick Dudka and his thangka paintings are beautiful. I am not only inspired from his wonderful work but also interested in learning from them.

                                                               White Umbrella Tara                                        
                                                     Nick Dudka, Painter and Artist.

    This is the first website I found while doing research on the artistic pieces of Buddhist gods. Nick Dudka has a beautiful gallery displaying all his wonderful pieces of work. On the left hand side there is a description of his life.

     The link above is when Nick gave a presentation on his work and blew many people away with his knowledge and talent.

       This last link shows the many pieces of work he has created and the diversity of the colors and gods he has chosen to showcase.