Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lauren Froderman

Lauren Froderman

Lauren is an American dancer, and the season 7 winner of the dance TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. 

Site #1 -

This is Lauren's IMDb page. It gives a little bit of a bio of her life, and also some of her credit and things that she has done. It is good insight into her life and the things she has accomplished. 

Site #2 -

This is a video of Lauren's audition for the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. This is a great representation of who she is as a dancer.  

Site #3 -

This is an article that was written about Lauren after she won the show. I thought it was a good representation of her, and gives some more insight on who she is as a person and a dancer. 

I chose Lauren as my artist because she is such an inspiring dancer. Like many of us dancers, she started out young, dancing for fun. She was just a regular person with a dream to do something with her passion and what she loved to do - dance. I found her compelling not only because of her background, but because she is just an amazing dancer. On the show she won, So You Think You Can Dance, she was named the best female to ever be on the show. Her drive and love for dance is touching, and I felt like she is a great example of what many dancers aspire to be one day.