Monday, November 9, 2015

Francis Bacon 
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 Francis Bacon is one of the most revolutionary artist’s of the 20th century. His work to me, exemplifies raw emotion. Initially his artwork looks terrifying. It is scary, twisted, blurry and somewhat gruesome. In my opinion this kind of dismorphic surrealism is engaging and I automatically want to delve deeper into the piece. I respect Francis Bacon and admire him as an individual because he wasn’t afraid to break the stereotypical idea of normalcy. He sought to expose people at their very core and instead of painting what he saw he painted what he felt. His art exudes emotion and feeling and that to me holds a significant amount of value. 
 This article summarizes Francis Bacon’s biography and shows the evolution of his surrealist style. It also note s the artwork that gave him a reputation in the art world.
 This article describes Francis Bacon’s exhibition at the Met. It highlights the uniqueness of his style and points out why he was such a controversial and powerful artist. He brought homosexuality into artwork and sought to express its normalcy to the world. This article describes his surrealist and abstract style and summarizes the evolution of his career. 
 This article summarizes the history of Bacon’s life, highlights the influence of Picasso’s artwork, and why his paintings were revolutionary in the 50’s.