Friday, February 19, 2016

Dimitra Milan

"I want my artwork to inspire people and make them feel that anything is possible for them. Help them understand who their true self is and how they are capable of anything they put their mind to." 

-Dimitra Milan

Dimitra Milan is a 16 year old artist who began painting only 4 years ago. Being the daughter of two artists, Dimitra has been continuously exposed to art since a very young age. Growing up, her parents had a profound impact on her in the world of art, as they have always given her guidance and advice about painting and the creative process. She chose to be home-schooled so that she could focus more time on training, and, when her parents opened an art school, she began taking classes at age 12. Using a combination of classic oil pieces and mixed media oil pieces, Dimitras paintings reflect a dream-like atmosphere, which she does intentionally to make the viewer feel that "anything is possible." Her artwork often depicts women interacting with nature and animals, which is why I am drawn to this artist.
This is the artists website, which includes her bibliography, artwork, gallery listings and ways to follow her through social media.
This is a link to an interview from Anna Gragert. Gragert interviewed Dimitra Milan earlier this year in January. In this interview, Gragert asks about her life, her inspiration, creative process, and setting and the symbolism of her work.
This is another interview done earlier this year in January by BoredPanda staff member, Dainius. This interview gives more information about Dimitra Milan's life, how her skills developed and her parents influence on her artwork.