Saturday, November 7, 2020



    Ella Marija Lani Yekich- O' Connor, known as Lorde, is a singer/ songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. Lorde is known for her unique on stage dancing, vocals, and lyrics. Her first hit song, "Royals" released in 2013, was in the electropop genre, however her songs tend to flow between genres which she enjoys. Her lyrics are very poetic, which is taken after her mother who is a poet. This leads to the listeners interpreting lyrics in different ways, as there are a lot of poetic metaphors in her songs. Her lyrics are relatable and about her life growing up, heartbreak, and being a wild and angsty young adult. She is not afraid to be herself within her music and on stage, marking her as a unique person, however, it's just her being authentic. Many people call her weird because of this, but I believe it makes her an amazing artist who inspires many. Lorde also is not afraid to use her voice to speak up about political and worldly issues, and is not very active on her social media, which is rare for artists these days. She does have an email subscription which I along with many others have subscribed to. Lorde uses that platform to "catch up" with her fans by writing in the style of an informal letter, like she is just catching up with a friend. It has been 3 years since she last released an album, but recently posted to her Instagram story, telling her American fans to vote, saying that she has a present next year if we all vote. Many have speculated that this will be her next long awaited album. 

Today, November 7th, happens to be her birthday as well.

This is Lorde's official website, which includes information about her. When you click on the website, you see several links under a photo of her. These links lead to her social medias, tour information, her subscription, and her merchandise.

This website gives basic information about Lorde and her career. It gives a brief description of her early life, career, albums and popular songs.

This website gives a whole story on Lorde. It includes some of her most popular songs and music videos and reviews about her music. This website really portrays her as the incredible artist she is. 

 This is the cover to her most recent album, Melodrama from 2017. It is an incredible experience and each song tells an amazing story, alongside beautiful melodies. This album has range, and if you're looking for an album to cry, dance, or belt out to, this is the one.