Monday, May 18, 2020



I think Khalid is one of the most influential artists in the music industry in today's society. His music relates with so many teenagers and young adults that it is so easy to relate and connect with him through his music. He is always so positive and genuinely cares for his fans. He works hard on the music he creates and has a unique sound that you would not find in many other artists. He sings about such good vibes and the things we go through as teenagers mixed with a smooth r&b sound that is unique to his style.

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In 2016, an A&R executive came across a song on SoundCloud by an artist going by his first name Khalid and connected with him over twitter, telling him he had something special. Khalid was a senior in high school at the time his first hit song "Location" blew up on all streaming services and he was a hit overnight. Since this burst of fame in 2017, he has had two successful tours for his two albums, has millions of fans and followers on social media, has been nominated for many music awards from the Grammys to the Billboards to the AMA's, has won Favorite Album, Favorite Male Artist, Best New Artist, etc., and achieved many other accolades in only a span of 4 years in his career.

Andrew, Scottie. “Khalid Felt Helpless after the El Paso Shooting. So He Raised $500,000 with a Benefit Concert.” CNN, Cable News Network, 3 Sept. 2019,

The "American Teen" from the city of El Paso has always carried his hometown roots with him no matter where he goes. He has dedicated multiple songs to the Suncity and has put the city on the map for everyone to know where he is from and what it means to him. In 2019, when he was only 21 years old, Khalid hosted a benefit concert to raise money for the victims of the El Paso shooting that took place in September. He spoke very deeply about how the tragedy affected him and the issues of gun violence around the world, and wanted to give back to his community that he says gave so much to him.

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Khalid became a star at the age of 18 when his debut "Location" was a hit around the world. He is leading the change for R&B's future and the future of the world, led by the American teens. He creates his music that makes you feel good and just makes you want to dance. He uses his feelings to create such authentic music that doesn't fit in a genre, it's just a mood and a moment which makes him so unique and unlike anyone else.