Thursday, July 14, 2011

Travis Wall

Travis Michael Wall is an amazing dancer and choreographer that most recently came to fame after competing for America’s favorite dancer on “So You Think You Can Dance”, in which he was runner up. Many people do not know that Travis had a large dance career before the show, as well as continuing after the show and tour ended. Travis is only 23 years old, born September 16 1987. His passion for dance started at his mother’s dance studio in Virginia Beach, VA, Denise Wall’s Dance Energy. Before appearing on the dance show Travis had competed in many national dance competitions, some on television as well, been on Broadway performing in The Music Man, and participated in an artistic book of dancers movement photography called Moving Still: a live performance. More recently, Travis has come back to the dance show not as a dancer but an amazing choreographer. His pieces speak to the viewers; they tell a story with emotion, fierce dancing, and partner interactions that astonish the crowds. Each one of Travis’ pieces takes the audience out of their seats and brings them to the time and place of what the dance is describing. With brilliant use of props and very talented dancers, Travis is able to take dancing to a level not reached by many artists, while all along opening up the dance world to millions of new viewers. - A Travis Wall created website after his long tour of “So You Think You Can Dance”. Although it does not seem to be updated regularly it is a fun way to see the goofy side of Travis and his friends. It also is a launching site for a DVD compilation of his own dances, choreography, and a new style of hip-hop he and friends created. - Travis’ biography is featured on this website. Both past and present accomplishments are highlighted. This website gives the largest amount of information of Travis’ career and life before “So You Think You Can Dance”. - This website not only describes Travis’ past and present careers, but it also shows some amazing videos of his choreography work from “So You Think You Can Dance”. Other interesting websites, photographs, and up-to-date information about Travis are also components of this site.