Monday, July 11, 2011

Frida Kahlo

This site offers a combination of original artwork done by Frida Kahlo, the values of some of her paintings, and exclusive diary entries from Frida herself.

This site was compiled by a fan group. This site offers a wide variety of insights into Frida Kahlo's life including homemade videos of her and her husband. This site is also available in Spanish and English for different cultures to enjoy.

This site gives insight into Frida Kahlo's musuem which was dedicated to her in her hometown of Mexico City.


For those further interested in Frida's life, the above site is a way to purchase her academy award nominated movie.


Frida Kahlo has had a very interesting and unusual life which influenced her painting style. At the age of six she was diagnosed with polio which made her legs fragile; and in her early teen years she was in a traffic accident that caused her to be in a body cast and pain for much of her life. While she was bed ridden she started seriously painting. She asked a famous artist Diego Rivera to review her artwork. He started working closely with her as a partner and critique and later their friendship blossomed into a relationship. Frida Kahlo’s art is symbolic of her life events. Frida’s art can be best summarized as surrealism. According to “Surrealism style uses visual imagery from the subconscious mind to create art without the intention of logical comprehensibility.” She produced about 150 paintings of which 55 of those were self portraits. According to, Frida stated “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.” Frida Kahlo has her own art museum in Mexico City where she lived her entire life.

By Western28