Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tinker Hatfield

Tinker Hatfield is known throughout the sneaker world as the greatest man to ever live. Tinker Hatfield was born into the sports world with his parents being coaches and siblings who ended up coaching or marrying a coach. Hatfield was made into a superior athlete setting track records at University of Oregon before an injury sidelined him. The greatest shoe designer the world has ever seen actually graduated University of Oregon with an Architecture degree. After an attempt at the Olympic Trials. Tinker Hatfield practiced architecture in Eugene and was later hired by Nike as an architect. Later Hatfield began designing shoes that gained global success. Hatfield designed running and training shoes such as the Air Max series, Air Trainers, Air Huarache series, and more. These shoes are sold in millions of store all over the world today as each year brings better and newer technology for runners worldwide.

Tinker Hatfield is probably best known for the shoes he designed for the greatest basketball player to step on and off a court, Michael Jordan. Not only did Hatfield design one-of-a-kind shoes for the player, but ultimately keep Jordan with Nike as after his first 2 signature shoes, Jordan wanted to leave and sign with Converse. Tinker Hatfield first assignment was to design the Air Jordan III, which are still one of the most popular signature Jordan shoes seen today. Hatfield would later go on to design Jordan's III-XV and come back to design the Jordan XXIII and 2010 shoes. Tinker Hatfield captured not only Jordan's eye, but the eye of thousands of sneaker fans worldwide. Hatfield did not design shoes the conventional way, but practical and stylish. The Jordan series can be worn on and off the court and still give players that edge they desire to be better basketball players. The Jordan Brand would become one of the best selling shoes series today.

The Jordan series was not the last of Hatfield's last masterpiece. Tinker Hatfield early in his career was asked to design futuristic shoes that would be previewed in a time-based movie in the late 1980's. That movie series became one of America's all time greatest series and help Michael J. Fox be one of the most beloved actors today and of all time. Tinker Hatfield designed the Nike shoes worn by Fox in Back to the Future II that included the automatic lacing feature. Whether or not the shoes actually could automatically lace, there was a high demand for Nike to recreate the shoe and sell to the public. It was not until early September of this year, when almost overnight, Hatfield and the staff released news of redesigning the shoes, but also selling them to the public. This took place over an eBay auction selling the limited numbered shoes with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation with Google matching the total amount the shoes sold for eventually doubling the amount given to the foundation. Tinker Hatfield took over 5 years to redesign every detail into the Nike Air Mag 2011 shoes to try and recreate that iconic Nike shoes seen in Back to the Future II. Everything from the material to the colors, and lights have been put into the shoes that also coming with a charger for the LED lights. Tinker Hatfield did not only design once, but twice the greatest shoes the world has ever seen that ended up selling for thousands a pair.

Tinker Hatfield already made himself legendary by designing the Jordan series and such iconic shoes such as the Air Max and Air Trainers. Tinker Hatfield does not only design shoes, but recently designed the new Matthew Knight Arena's basketball floor. Hatfield will forever be remembered by designing the Nike Air Mag shoes that have been rumored to be re-released in 2015 with an automatic lacing feature seen in the movie in the same year that it took place. Tinker Hatfield career is not done yet, as the Vice President of Creative Design at Nike's "Innovation Kitchen" works to build and improve shoes for the years to come. The sneaker world holds their breathe to witness the next great pair of shoes to ever be designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield.
For anything and all things sneaker related can be found on Sneaker News. For Tinker Hatfield, the site pays their respects to the great designer and have nothing, but good things to say about Hatfield. From latest Jordan releases to any designs by Hatfield or related to any of his previous work is properly cited and recognizes all the designer has done.

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