Thursday, May 11, 2017

Karen Carpenter

Growing up, I heard a lot of music from the 1970s thanks to my parents. I became familiar with the sounds of disco and soft rock. However, the voice of Karen Carpenter stuck in my head even as a young child. I still regard Karen Carpenter's voice as the most beautiful voices I've heard. I was disappointed to learn that she had died too young. During her run at success as part of the soft rock duo The Carpenters, Karen Carpenter suffered from anorexia. In 1983, she died of heart failure most likely due to her struggles with anorexia. Her struggle with anorexia is a story that deeply saddens me, and I always wished that she was still around to hear more of her music. gives a good summary of Karen Carpenter's early life, career, and death.
This site shows just how amazing Karen Carpenter's voice was by providing audio recordings of Karen Carpenter acapella.
Carpenter is remembered by many by her tragic death. This article gives a great narrative of what lead to her death and the aftermath.