Friday, May 5, 2017

Ali Farka Toure


Ali Farka Biography
 Ali Farka was a Malian Singer and Guitarist born on October 31, 1939, in a Muslim village of Kanau (Northern Malian region of Timbuktu). He was the only child of his mother to survey past infancy among ten siblings. His given name was Ali Ibrahim, but the Northern Malian custom gives a strange nickname to a child who lost their siblings. His nickname Farka was chosen by his parents, means "Donkey".  He was one of the African most internationally renowned musicians in the continent. His music was representing a point of intersection of traditional Malian music and its North American brothers (the Blues).
Ali Farka started playing Guitar at age of ten, began playing Gurkel in 1950, and also taught himself the Njarka. In 1959, Ali Farka was inspired by a Guinean artist name Kaita Fodeba and then decided to become a guitarist. The Malian artist was introduced to the African American Music by Ray Charles, Otis Redding, and John Lee in 1960's. After seeing Hooker performance, Ali Farka realized that this music coming from America had a deep African Roots and then decided to combine the two styles. You can learn more about the Artist by clicking on the caption under his image above. 

Why Ali Farka?

I chose Ali Farka based on his uniqueness, talents, and I also think it will be a new learning experience and discovery for many visitors on our Blog. He has a different music style comparing to other artists, due to his talent on playing guitar his music was the background music on "Unfaithful" movie.  
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I also took advantage of this situation to show you the Continent African they will never show on your screen where Ali Farka Toure is from 

  • Grammy Award
The Self-taught Malian Guitarist and songwriter Ali Farka Toure who combined West African Traditions with blues and carried his music to a worldwide audience won two Grammy Awards. for more information click on the link below.
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the link below provide you the opportunity to listen and watch more song from Ali Farka Toure
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