Sunday, November 11, 2018

Leon Bridges is a singer/songwriter who became very popular within the last year or two. He is a soul singer but also has a very bluesy sound at times. Leon is very unique, one thing that intrigues me is his love for vintage and some retro techniques.  He created an album using all vintage equipment and local singers. Leon's music is very warm and calming. His break came for the song "Coming Home"  which he recorded with Columbia record in 2014.  His music is timeless and his songs are ones that you could listen to for years on repeat. I enjoy his work because it is from the heart. A lot of music created these days just talk about sex and drugs, where his has deeper more emotional meanings. Leon Bridges is 29 years old and only at the start of his career.

This is the official site of Leon Bridges. This site is interesting because you can watch all of his latest music videos along with listen to his newest songs. It allows you to keep up date with him and where he is going next.

This is a link to a CBS news article/interview that talks about all of Leon's recent accomplishments and how he feels about them. It also talks a bit about his past and how he got to where he is today.

This article describes some of his best pieces of work in great detail. It also talks about his early life and how he was able to achieve his dreams.