Friday, November 2, 2018

Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti’s music is an escape for me. The beats he chooses to use along with his flow and melody are so captivating and make me feel relaxed and relieved. I have anxiety problems sometimes and listening to his music in those moments is a form of medicine. His music is more about the atmosphere and less heavy on lyrics. I find him to be an abstract artist when it comes to music. Sometimes you might not find much apparent meaning however if you just listen to the music and accept the sound as a whole you will find such a perfect work of art. For me his song Kelly K is just that for me a work of art, along with many other songs. The lyrics in some songs however, have deep poetic meaning as well and tell a story about his life that most don’t catch. Some may say that he only raps about what every other young rapper raps about (drugs, money, and women) which is mostly true but deeper meaning is found within. Playboi Carti grew up in a rough area in Atlanta Georgia and used drugs as a way to get away from his problems as a youth and this is now portrayed in his music. 

Only website that I could  with a background beyond music about Carti. This provides insight to his life before music a little bit and also ventures into his career and work. It talks about his music along with his hobby modeling career.

Carti used sound cloud as a way to show the world his music in the early stages of his career and here you can find some of his first more notable songs when he started really taking his art seriously. It also contains some his newer songs along with samples of others.

Here you can see videos of interviews with Carti along with his music. It also showcases all the different features he's had meaning all the different artists he has had the opportunity to work with. It even has some answers to questions form fans that he has taken the time to answer.