Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Chainsmokers

When I heard the Chainsmokers' first single I loved their humor and sound. It was a song about your typical millennial woman at her favorite club and her desperate need to take a selfie. The song made me fall in love with the duo because they were able to take an annoying situation and make a very fun dance song. As they have matured as artists the DJ duo has worn their heart and insecurities on their sleeve while creating music. Most of their songs have similar melodies and structures, which has made them receptive to a lot of criticism, but looking at their music the lyrics tell stories deeper than their pop based rhythms would lead you to believe. They make me feel less alone in the emotions I have felt in my life pertaining to relationships and growing as a person. When I listen to their music I feel able to feel my emotions completely. They show their doubts in relationships, fear of being stuck in nostalgia, and their feelings surrounding the creation of their music.

This is the duo's official website, it gives a short blurb about the boys and how they got their start as well as connect you to their music.

This article explains in detail the duo's new production company. This is very important to me because their videos have been very well produced, but most importantly their first movie is going to be based off a song they wrote 'Paris' that holds a very special place in my heart because it deals with how we as people hide in nostalgia.

This article is an interview with the boys following their single 'Closer.' It focuses on how the duo came to be, what they believe their future holds, and how one of the boys, Drew, decided to start singing and move out from behind the table.