Friday, February 21, 2020

Trent Mitchell

Trent Mitchell

Australian Photographer

Figure 1: photo from project, Inner Atlas - pt. 1

Trent Mitchell is an inspiring Australian photographer that captures special moments in everyday life. Main subjects of his art commonly include waves and surf photography. His art stands out through the complexity of the photos and special ability to capture movement and light. Through either film or digital photos, Mitchell’s style is unique and strong. He can cultivate an emotional response with the dramatic movement of waves or simple daily observations. His professional work includes commercial, portraits, and documentaries. He has a large variety of clients including Patagonia, Rip Curl, Red Bull International, Lulu Lemon Athletica, Mercedes-benz, and small local businesses. When working for either small businesses or larger well-known companies, Mitchell will always put 110% into his photography.

Some mentionable awards Trent Mitchell has received includes 2018 Nikon Australian Surf Photo of the year and 2015 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize. Mitchell also has self-published two photo-books of his projects, “above/below” and “Chasing the Curve”. These photo-books were both award winning and limited addition. 

Figure 2: photo from project, Inner Atlas - pt. 1

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