Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Brockhampton advertises themselves as an all-American rap and hip-pop boyband. The group consists of not only the vocal members, but the others that contribute to photography, as producers, and the designers. Currently the vocal members of the group are Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, Joba, and Bearface. I enjoy and have attended many Brockhampton concerts because they are such an original group and as they say - ‘the best boyband since one direction.’ Their most recent album came out last year with more and more people discovering their music through social media and have recently been rising to the top of the charts. Brockhampton has a diversity of styles and people that make for the perfect mixture of songs that are catchy and also relatable. Each of the members complement each other with their energy, voices, and backgrounds.  

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'Brockhampton Marks Its Mainstream Arrival With A No. 1 Album'
New York Times wrote an article recently about Brockhampton's album "Iridescence." This album really marks the time when they started rising to the tops of the charts. Before, they were a starting group of individual songwriters and producers that came together and now more popular than ever.
Shop, browse, and stay connected with updates and new singles. Here is their official website that you can find all their social medias from youtube, instagram, twitter, and spotify.
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The Varsity reviews Brockhampton's most recent world tour
Their most recent tour "Heaven Belongs to You" was recently (in the last month) reviewed. Read about their setlist and opening headliner to the stage design and lighting. This talks about their diverse fan base and vibrant energy of the venues.