Monday, May 18, 2020


Banksy is an anonymous British graffiti artist, and one of the most famous living artists in the world. He has been able to keep his identity unknown for over thirty years. He has produced many powerful images from London, to Utah, and several other locations. Banksy makes art that brings attention to current issues. His artwork is so compelling it leaves people wanting more. In 2013 Banksy set up a street vendor cart in Central Park and sold his pieces for $60, not letting his real identity be revealed. The next day he posted on his website letting people know it was from him. Banksy has inspired many people and he spreads messages across the world dealing with politics, art, philosophy, and more. His street art and graffiti has brought success to other artists in this media. A painting by Banksy was sold in London for $1.04 million, once sold the canvas began to pass through a shredder that was installed into the from, some people consider this the “Banksy Effect”.

This is Banksy's official website. Here you can see his artwork that is presented both inside and outside. It also gives you information where to send questions, as well as threats. This website displays shows that are being put on by people that are fake.

This website goes into detail about Banksy’s life. It gives information about the work he does and his style of work throughout the years.

This website takes you to The Walled Off Hotel. Here you can view rooms that have been customized by Banksy.