Sunday, May 17, 2020

Erik Parker and work ethic

Eric Parker

Eric Parker is an action sports photographer who works with Teton Gravity Research. Aong with being at the top of the game with action sports photography he is also at the top of the game in whitewater kayaking and skiing. This is how he gets such incredible shots. I find his work so inspiring because he goes the extra mile to get these photos, he is doing exactly what all of the professional athletes hes with are doing except he has all of his camera gear. Along with this he has to go ahead and go behind and catch up just so he can get the shot. His work is really inspiring, going places many other photographers do not.
A write up on Eric in TGR about a trip he was on last spring.
A write up TGR did on Eric about how he goes above and beyond to get the shots that he does.