Friday, May 20, 2011

Kevin Schafer

Kevin Schafer is an amazing photographer that has traveled all around the world mostly specializing in photographs of endangered species mostly in rainforests and polar regions. I feel that it is very important to acknowledge animals that are slowly disappearing from the Earth. Schafer doesn't stop after taking a picture, most of the time he makes sure to tell a story about that animal or aspect of wildlife. I find him so interesting because he spends around six months out of the year adventuring around to different countries and this shows that he has much expertise in this form of art. He has been photographing for 25 years as well. Overall, Kevin Schafer is a successful photographer and his work should be shown off to the world.

This is Kevin Schafer's personal website where he displays a lot of his photographs that he has taken around the world.

Kevin Schafer's Facebook page has more biographical information offered, contact information, and posts provided by the public.

National Geographic has a page about Kevin Schafer that describes what he does and offers more pictures to look at.