Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flying Lotus

My favorite musical grooves have an organic sound to them; as though each note and rhythm are paired perfectly with each other to emulate the highest quality and character of music. Electronic music normally sounds unnatural as though random noises come out of nowhere; however, Flying Lotus is a unique artist with an inspirational sound. The neo-electro instrumental and song producer incorporates the kind of life into his sound that at times the music seem more like a collection of creative impulses  rather than the combination of unique rhythms and sounds. Another claim to the coolness of Flying Lotus is that, although he has sky rocketed to fame relatively quick and recently, “Fly Lo” shows no signs of elitism in his interviews and each stage performance has an electrifying sound and image display. As he gains popularity the music never quiets and he continues to press the realms of organic electronic sound with a unique electro-jazz feel in his new records. This is why I am inspired by  the great Flying Lotus.

Fly Lo
For an example of how "hyphe" his electrifying stage performance is, check out Flying Lotus perform at last summer's Coachella 

As with anything else, is a good start to learning essential information about the artist. The link below offers a summary of everything about Flying Lotus - from family biography to musical career to his real name (it's Stephen Ellison).

To follow Flying Lotus and stay up to date on his tours as he travels the country, visit his webpage. The site also offers exclusive clips and songs from newly released work.

This interview between a Pitchfork Inc. representative and Steven Ellison enlightens the reader on what life on tour is like. He also elaborates on future aspirations and goals Flying Lotus sets for himself. The interview also underscores other artists who Fly Lo considers up and coming, and what its like to work and improve upon one's own music. Check out some music videos on the same page for a couple real cool visuals, and low bass frequencies. I recommend watching "Pretty Boy Strut" for a unique experience.

These are some of my favorite Flying Lotus songs:
1.  Do the Astral Plane
2.  1983
3. Tealeaf Dancers