Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rachel McAdams by Lindsay Chapie

  This kiss is very well known.
Everyone knows this site pretty well, along with maybe even using it as an app on their phone. This site not only shows all the movies she was in, also pictures of her and some bio information. The site also shows the names of the characters she played, and the year the movie was made. Around the top middle of the page, it has some pictures along with links of the movies she’s most known for.

This tumblr site has a lot of pictures about Rachel. Some are moving pictures, which are known as GIFs. Some of the images are screenshots from movies she has played in. Some of the pictures are also from photo shoots or red carpet events.

This site shares some info on her most recent movies, and some images. People is a popular magazine that gets published to be put on the newsstands weekly.

I love Rachel McAdams, I think she has grown so much as an actress. I forgot she was the mean girl in the movie, “The Hot Chick.” Not only has she been seen in different roles, she’s been seen with different hair.  I enjoy her in “The Notebook”and “Time Traveler’s Wife.” I’ve always liked her as an actress, and I think that she would be fun to be around in person. She seems like a likeable. She also is very beautiful.