Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tech N9ne

This link discusses Tech's life and how he came to be so successful in his career. It discusses how he overcame the obstacles to achieve some of his life and career goals.

This link is an interview with tech discussing how he came to be the number one independent rapper and yet not very many people know who he is. It talks about how he never signed with a label, but instead created his own which is called Strange Music and of which he is a co-owner. It also discusses his lyrical genius and why he is thought to be so intelligent in that area.

This link discusses tech's style of rapping and word scheming. It also talks about his choice to work independently so he could talk about and rap about whatever he wanted versus having to follow guidelines. It also talk about how he is using his own label to get other unknown rappers and their music out their to be heard.

I respect Tech N9ne as an artist because he built himself from the ground up. Everything he has now, all the money and fame he has, he earned himself. After he first started putting music out there and radio stations wanted to play it, they told him he was going to have to change his name because he couldn't have the name. Instead of following along, he decided he was going to achieve his goals his own way and instead of signing with a label he created his own empire. He puts out at least one album a year, none of which are on the radio because he is a self made artist.