Sunday, November 18, 2012



A.K.A Ben Haggerty

Created by: Juliana Albano

Macklemore (a.k.a. Ben Haggerty) is an American hip-hop musician, from Seattle, Washington. His talents lay in rapping and performance artistry. Macklemore's musical piece's emotionally range from humorous (And We Danced) to pride (Irish Celebration) to revolutionary (Same Love). What is particularly interesting about Macklemore is not his humor, not his style, but the content of his music. Macklmore does not fit the stereotypical mold of "rapper" because the way in which he raps leads to a way of building people up, encouraging the best in others, and having pride in your roots. Through his music, Macklmore is an advocate for same-sex marriage equality, a lover of the Pacific Northwest, and encourages community; this is why he is worth sharing.

Info - Macklemore

The information featured in the link above nicely describes an overview of Macklemore's upbringing, influences, and success, including recognition, performances, and detailed discography. Reading through this website will result in a heightened sense of Macklemore's musical inspiration from his upbringing and other personal factors.

The link above brings you to a music video featuring Macklemore, which I think is a wonderful way to truly understand an artist; you see their demeanor through performance, understand the song better through the accompanying visual, and of course, listen to the song. This song is titled, "The Town" which describes Macklemore's positive experience growing up in the Pacific Northwest and how dearly the city of Seattle (his birth city) means to him. 

Same Love - Macklemore

The link above will prove to be a testament to the true genius of Macklemore's work in the modern music industry. This song is titiled, "Same Love" and has been a very popular single recently due to the marriage equality acts in the Washington State election. "Same Love" addresses the issue of marriage inequality through song, and reflects other feelings and emotions Macklemore feels for this topic.

Made by: Juliana Albano