Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dance 108 Blog – Frank Stella

            Even though I could have focused on a painter, signer, dancer, etc. that I was already a fan of I thought it would be more interesting to find a new artist that I liked to focus on.  I like abstract art, so after searching the Internet for abstract artists, I found Frank Stella.  Frank Stella makes some of the most unique, interesting pieces that I have ever seen and I was immediately drawn to it.  His artwork not only includes paintings but also elaborate sculptures of all different shapes. I really enjoy his use of lines, shapes, and colors.

This was a useful website because it broke information about Frank Stella into different sections so it was very easy to read.  There are sections like Frank Stella’s key ideas, his biography, and his legacy.  My favorite part is at the end, which includes multiple different Frank Stella quotes.

This was my favorite site about Frank Stella to view all of his different, wonderful masterpieces.  You can scroll down the page looking at hundreds of his pieces with the title and year of the piece and which gallery it is placed in.

This website had a detailed description about Frank Stella and shows very interesting sketches by Stella for different sculptures that I’m sure he intended to create.  The best part is that you can view a slideshow of his work.