Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean
               By: Madeline Chavira

Christopher Francis Ocean, better known by his stage name Frank Ocean, is an American singer/ songwriter. He is a very talented and aspiring artist that has achieved so much. He truly started from nothing and worked hard on his own to get where he is today. He is most famous for his lyrics that deal with themes of love, misgiving, nostalgia and longing. The reason why I believe he is such a great artist is because his music is so soothing and enticing I can’t help but keep listening. He has received two Grammy’s for Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Rap/ Sung Collaboration and has even been nominated and won various prestigious European music awards. With only two albums out (Nostalgia, Ultra and Channel Orange), he is at the top of his game and is still recording.
Frank Ocean was born in Long Beach, California but soon moved to New Orleans, Louisiana where was influenced by the local jazz scene and loved music ever since. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit his hometown and destroyed his recording studio. With nothing left in New Orleans he decided to start new in Los Angeles. He got a songwriting deal and began writing songs for artist like Justin Bieber, John Legend, and Beyoncé. As much as he liked writing songs he wanted to be a songwriter and perform his own songs. He began to record his own mix tapes. He joined rap groups and was featured in songs with big named rappers until his breakthrough single “Thinkin Bout You”. · Frank Ocean Fansite
This is a link to Frank Ocean’s fansite. It is an online source for information and news about Frank Ocean. The website is frequently updated with information about his new music and collaborations. It has tabs with links to music, music vidoes, lyrics, photos, concerts, and more.

· New York Times Article 
This link is to an article by Jeff Himmelman for the New York Times that was published in 2013. I really liked this article because it shows how real and down to earth Frank Ocean is. It also goes through a little bit of his history along with some samples of his music sprinkled throughout the article. · Frank Ocean's tumblr
This link is to his personal tumblr where he posts pictures of his performances or just recreational pictures. He also posts some poems, links to ticket for his shows and merchandise, videos, and sneak peeks to his new music. It is a great way to connect to his fans on a personal level.