Friday, July 18, 2014

John Williams

In the sixth grade, I joined band where I played the clarinet through the rest of my middle school years. In band we played a variety of types of music ranging from classical pieces to jazz. At the end of each school year we would put on a spring concert which was always my favorite concert to perform at as for this concert we would choose a variety of compositions from popular sources such as movies, television shows, and video games that we would vote on as a class. Every year I was in band at least one John Williams piece would be chosen, and John Williams quickly rose to become my favorite musical composer.

John Williams has written a variety of movie soundtrack compositions that I have highly enjoyed, and I believe that tons of movies would not have been nearly enjoyable without his work. Some of his more notable work includes tracks for Pirates of the Carribean, Saving Private Ryan, and even The Emperor Strikes Back. From what I've noticed, movies are generally mostly known for their acting performances, story telling abilities, and special effects. However, any movie I've seen with John Williams composed soundtracks, are especially renown for their musical backings, as John Williams is able to enhance movies through music in ways other composers strive to follow. For this reason, I chose to write my blog post about him. 

The official John Williams website would be a great starting place for one to find information about his life and work. It includes a full biography, which I particularly enjoyed reading. In it is also a list of all the different movies he's done work for. This link is definitely worth viewing!
IMDB is a great website for any movie related celebrity. It has information on all the movie's he has been a part of. What I found especially cool, is there are tons of reviews of the different movies as well and you can even post your own!
John Williams official fan website is a where I would go for all the latest news about his life. Wondering what he is working on next? This would be an awesome place to look, and even discuss with other fans what you think of John Williams.