Thursday, July 14, 2016

Misty Copeland

American Ballet Theatre Soloist

Misty Copeland is a ballerina who began dancing at age thirteen, and now dances as a soloist in the American Ballet Theatre. Because I am a dancer and have a major passion for the art of dance, I am inspired, compelled, and moved by Misty Copeland. She began dancing later than many professional dancers have (many dancers begin at the age of three or four), but her talents and passion for dance allowed her to grow and improve quickly, ultimately reaching the professional level. In an interview, Misty Coplenad stated that no one in her family had an interest for the arts, and at the age of thirteen she took her first dance class at the Boys & Girls Club to find that she greatly enjoyed dancing, and was extremely naturally talented at it. Not only did Misty Copeland start as a teen and have incredible talent from the beginning, but she took that talent and drive and continued down the path of a professional dancer from there on. She is beautiful, passionate, strong, and talented, and has been an inspiration to me in so many ways. Here is a link to a brief video of Misty Copeland:

Above is the official website of Misty Copeland. This site includes her story, latest new on Misty Copeland, an access area to social media (including Twitter and Instagram). a photo and video gallery, a calendar of upcoming events and performances, and a section of books for sale written by Misty Copeland. It is a great place to explore her latest news and performances.

The above site is the American Ballet Theatre site. Misty Copeland dances as a soloist in the American Ballet Theatre company. This site gives a brief biography of Misty Copeland, including her background and early history in dance, as well as her up and coming accomplishments in the professional dance world.

The above site is a magazine article written about Misty Copeland. The article includes words stated by Misty Copeland in an interview, as well as comments made by fans. I think this is a great way of putting herself out there to the world and allowing those who are moved by her dancing to read her interview and add in their comments.