Monday, May 2, 2011

Alvin Ailey Dance Company

The Alvin Ailey Dance Company is one of my favorites.  The founder, Alvin Ailey had a rough childhood during the time of segregation and there were few opportunities for young African Americans.  He sought comfort through dancing and began his own company inspired by Horton, another dance company.  Alvin Ailey Dance Company is now famous all over the world for their modern-style dancing.  I have seen two shows done by the company and I loved the lively music and colorful costumes.  To me, Alvin Ailey Dance Company is among the best in the country, which is why I chose to showcase it for this project.

This is the official website of Alvin Ailey Dance.  Here you can learn more about what the company does, when the tours take place and how you can support them.  It also has great pictures that give you an idea of what the company is about.

This webpage is a biography of Alvin Ailey himself.  It gives a full background of his personal story and how everything in his life added up to turn into the company that we know today.  It is interesting and detailed.

This webpage is part of the official Alvin Ailey website, but I thought it would be worth highlighting because it is where you can find out how to take classes.  I think this is neat because if you go to a show and love it, then you can take classes to learn similar routines and techniques from the company itself.  Not all dance companies do offer this, so I think it makes Alvin Ailey even more special.