Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nick Cave


Nick Cave's work is very riveting. By looking at the SoundSuit still on their hangers you get an urge of motion, seeing them in action is an incredible experience. I think his work is inspiring people to move and express themselves, and to break out of the monotony of everyday life. His "invations" are the most interesting part of his work to me. Dancers put on the SoundSuits and go around downtown areas and gatherings bringing a smile to everyone who see's them.
This link is very informative about Nick Cave's work at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It also give his personal statement about why his work is important. He wants to reach a global level and involve everyone in his innovation.

Until the begining of June Nick Cave's work is on display at the Seattle Art Museum. The Seattle times did a wonderful review of the artist's exhibit.
This is the link to Nick Cave's website that allows you to purchase apparel and gifts inspired by SoundSuits.