Saturday, May 14, 2011

Emma Hack

When artists present the human body as a work of art, they must be very careful about how their work is presented and interpreted. Nudity can be seen as very taboo in Western culture. Emma Hack has found a way to camouflage nudity and present the human form in collaboration with the medium of painting. Body painting is a fairly new approach to art and has been so successful that there are now international festivals in celebration of this unique form of art.

Emma started her career as a face painter. She has evolved the art of face painting into a twenty-one year career of body painting. For Emma the body is a canvas. She uses the interplay of wall paper designs and the natural contours of the human form to produce a sensual and impressionable piece of art. Emma's interests in world wide cultures and their historic contexts are represented within her works. She has traveled all over the world seeking inspiration for new and innovative collections. Some of her collections include Oriental designs from works of pottery dating back from the Ming Dynasty. She also has a collection with influences from Eastern religious traditions. The Mandala is a form used by Hinduism and Buddhism that Emma adopted to create a line of work that I consider one of her most unique and memorable of collections

Below is a list of three websites that are infomative and resourceful on the works of Emma Hack. Please explore and enjoy.

This is an official artist site of Emma Hack. Here you will find an introduction of the artist and her accomplishments. You will also find her collections, exhibitions, live installations, documentaries and more. -This link is a personal blog of a fan of the artist, Emma Hack. This site is a visual experience of the artist's past and present works. It is an incredible sensory experience.

This link contains an interview with Emma Hack and gives a more detailed understanding of her backround as an artist.