Sunday, February 19, 2012

Elvis Presley

By far Elvis Presley is my all time favorite artist. His work in music and film will forever live on.
In 1954 he began his singing career with Sun Records in Memphis, his recording contract was then sold to RCA records in 1955 and then just one short year later he was an international sensation!
His new and unique sound captured the hearts of millions as he combined his many musical influences and as he challenged the social and racial barriers of his time.
Not only was Elvis a successful musician  he was an actor as well. He starred in 33 films and had many television appearances. It was even stated in one of his interviews that throughout his childhood he wanted to be an actor more than anything. So congrats Elvis! You did it!

This is an example for Elvis’ work called Hound Dog. In my opinion it is one of his best songs, although there are many more.

This is just one link to the rock and roll hall of fame for Elvis but there are plenty more to look at. If you go the search bar and type in Elvis Presley you will be able to find information for days! I did this and thought it was really fun and very informative.

The most amazing website you will ever come across in your entire life. This website literally has everything you would want to know about the King. It has anything from his biography to photos and quotes. There is even an online gift shop, if you feel so inclined.

I hope you all will enjoy the wonderful human being that is Elvis Presley as much as I do. And although he may not be around to bless us with his talent anymore he will forever live on in many people's hearts.