Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jason Hummel - Washington Based Photographer & Ski-Mountaineer

Although largely unknown to the mainstream public, Jason Hummel, Washington-based photographer and ski-mountaineer, has been making a name for himself among the ski-mountaineering and backcountry skiing/snowboarding community, with an ever increasing check-list of ambitious backcountry adventures and publications in various magazines. Hummel's talents, both as a ski-mountaineer and photographer are impressive and inspiring to say the least. His February 2010 ski-traverse of the Picket Range, located within the North Cascades National Park, had only been accomplished once before in the 1980s. Hummel's photographs of the dramatic landscapes and towering peaks of the Picket Range personally inspired me to embark on my own climbing adventure into the Picket Range in August of 2011.

Alpine State of Mind showcases Jason Hummel's photography. Photographs can be purchased directly from this website, which is ran by Jason Hummel. All photographs included in this blog can be found at this website.

Cascade Crusades is a website dedicated to the memory of Ben Colin Manfredi, a friend of Jason Hummel's who passed away in 2003. The site documents various backcountry explorations of Jason Hummel and friends, in addition to showcasing Jason's poetry and photography of plants and animals, all inspired by the nature of the Pacific Northwest.

This article/interview discusses Jason Hummel's transformation from working full time as a financial advisor to being a ski mountaineering photographer whose exploits have been published in numerous outdoor magazines.

This article, written by Jason Hummel, recounts his traverse of the remote Picket Range, located in the North Cascades of Washington state, in the dead of winter 2010. A feat previously accomplished only by the Skoog party in the 1980s. This article was featured in the December 2010 issue of Backcountry magazine.