Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is an English rock band that was founded in 1965 and reached the height of their success during the mid-seventies. They focused on psychedelic rock which is historically used to enhance the use of psychedelic drugs. However, a person does not need to use drugs to appreciate their music and find meaning in their lyrics. I started listening to Pink Floyd when I was in high school. Since then, I have been able to relate just about all of their albums to a historical event or a specific event in my life.

Around the web, Pink Floyd is held very high among the music community. One of the best websites that accurately portrays the bands history, influence, and meaning in their albums is Wikipedia.

In addition to the band being musical artists, they were well known for their artistic and often meaningful album art. Many people have not seen this side of the band; however, I feel that their website is a good place to view their alternate side.

The last link I would like to present is a website that is dedicated to posting current information on the band members past and present. It is also a great place to learn about tours, buy merchandise, and view photos and songs of the band.