Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jason Aldean - Country Artist


Jason Aldine Williams, professionaly known as Jason Aldean, was the first country music singer I enjoyed listening to.  Growing up listening to rock and hip-hop, I never was able to listen to country music successfully.  It was the start of a relationship and influence of friends that led to my resonance for Jason Aldean.   Given a CD with a few of his songs, I found myself listening to more and more Country music.  I found Jason compelling and worth sharing because writes music that is slow, easy to understand, and each song tells a story.  Everytime I'm listening to his music, his stories evoke images in my head that are easy to relate to.  He tells of times where he has had great experiences in life and then great hardship, both are times that we can all connect with.  He is a country singer that experts say is modern with a unique style from any other Country singer.  Overall, I feel his music is worth listening to for those interested in Country music and those uninterested in Country music that may need help finding a good starting artist.

This first link is a link to his 2005 number one hit, "Why".  This song is a perfect example of Jason Aldean's type of music.  In the song he is telling a story of a relationship he was in and when listening to it you can feel the emotions he had for someone. 

My second link here is another example of his artistic ability in a more cheerful song he performs called "My Kind of Party". 

For more information, he has his own website.  On his website, he has a full biography of background information, including his start up and motivations.  Below is a link to his biography.  From there it is easy to navigate through and see videos, photos, tours, or even purchase Jason Aldean clothing.