Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tom Every By Jordan Mosher

Tom Every

This site has some good photos of Tom’s work, which is located in his own personal park. There is also a small story behind his alternate personality, Dr. Evermor, which attempts to explain the large abstract art that he creates.

On his website there is much information on his work. Also, if you are interested in touring the park in Wisconsin, you will find it is open 5 days a week. I am personally trying to find a way to get their myself, anyone feel like driving?

But if you would like the full story and all the photos to gawk at, there is no better sight then the one below, this has the PBS article on Tom Every and is filled with all the crazy background information you would expect from someone who designs gigantic lightning machines.

We live in a modern world where traits like creativity are often repressed. I chose Dr. Evermor not only because the medium he has chosen had its mold broken long ago, but he himself broke the mold. Some people seem to mock his crazy antics, but at least he is passionate about something. Which in this day and age seems to be something that is less and less common by the day.

To all the other creative people out there, Good Luck! And I hope you find Tom Every’s story as interesting as I did!

Thanks, Jordan Mosher