Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Keith and Kristyn Getty

In Christ Alone. Every Promise of Your Word. Awaken the Dawn. Modern day hymns with a rich, celtic feel that bring hope and peace to my own heart and to so many others. I have been blessed tremendously by the music of Keith and Kristyn Getty, so I thought it was a perfect option to share with all of you! To understand a bit more about their style and mission, here is a plug from their website (

Keith and Kristyn Getty have been writing hymns for more than a decade, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary, and creating what is described as singable theology. Their songs, many co-written with Stuart Townend, have pioneered a new generation of modern hymns.

The renowned Getty/Townend hymn, “In Christ Alone,” has remained the most popular song for congregations throughout the UK for six years, among CCLI’s top ten in North America, and has been honored by both the British Hymn Society and BBC Songs of Praise all time lists. Their hymns are sung in small churches, large cathedrals and concert halls around the world, performed by choirs of every description, and have also been recorded by artists throughout the world of music, from country artists Alison Krauss and Ricky Skaggs, Irish musicians Moya Brenan and Anuna, CCM artists Natalie Grant, Newsboys and Tim Hughes, to Aida’s Heather Headley, and a recent online recording by Owl City.

Ultimately, I chose these artists because I absolutely love hymns. I find both the content and the simple harmonies to be peaceful and inspiring. What Keith and Kristyn have done is add some "flair" to traditional hymns, while still keeping the meaning and the rich, beautiful harmonies intact. They offer variety and changeless favorites at the same time, making them a marvelous duo. Hope you all enjoy! Here is the link to the official webpage of this hymn writing couple. There are a variety of tracks and lyrics posted here, as well as information about upcoming events and interviews. Lastly, there are also links to their individual blogs so you can learn more about what makes these two tick! This link takes you to an article about one of their upcoming tours in their "stomping grounds": Northern Celtic Tour 2012. Keith and Kristyn are from Ireland and their rich celtic background adds depth and uniqueness to their creative vocal style. In addition, here you'll find information about their leadership events too! This is one of their songs that was sung at my wedding. It is a good reminder for me of what matters--who is in control of my life and my marriage too. Plus, I love the tune and background instrumentals in this song.arrestedmotion.netwww.arrestedmotion.net