Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bob Marley

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I find Bob Marley to be a compelling artist who is especially worth sharing not only because of his musical genius, but because of the profound impact he has had on the world, both during his time and after his death. Marley was the world's first artist to become popular out of a third world country and the first artist to bring reggae into the spotlight of popular music. Not only did his music top the charts, but it was also laden with social and political themes. He promoted peace and tolerance, while advocating for justice and equality. His music is compelling both musically, thematically and lyrically. I would argue that Bob Marley is one of the world's most influential musical artists of all time. is the official website of Bob Marley. It features biographical information pertaining to both his professional and personal life, video clips of his music, photos of him with family and friends, news regarding the Marley legacy and a shop to purchase music and merchandise. The site also contains information about the several Marley family charities. From someone who knows little about Bob Marley to an already avid listener of his music, this site has what anyone would need to know about Bob Marley.

The twitter feed for Bob Marley contains up-to-date information about how Marley's music continues to influence the world today. The feed also contains information about Marley's children, almost all of whom have successful music careers themselves. The Bob Marley twitter feed is also a fun place to go for those interested in getting to know the personality behind the artist, as famous Bob Marley quotes are often tweeted from the feed.

The New York Times' "Times Topics" archives for Bob Marley contains almost all newsworthy information regarding Bob Marley, his family and his fans. The site gives a brief biography of Marley and contains archives to any article written by the New York Times regarding the artist. It also features a timeline of events central to Bob Marley's life.

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